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Kartal Fen Bilimleri Okullari

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FIT is a project that has been run by our school since 2014. Its vision is raising awareness for recycling and protecting the ;It aims to show the world that recyclable materials can be used in lots of ways. They can come to life again in different ; In this project students collect recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, glass, cartons, etc. They create costumes related to the theme by only using these ;At the end, our students present their costumes during the fashion show.

FIT is a key to creativity, awareness and new perspectives. It’s a chance to speak up against the huge amount of waste the world is dealing with right ;
We’re now looking for partners who can co-operate with us to save the world with our kids.

(We would like to find partners who can be both host and ;
We are planning to be the host and introduce the process of creating these costumes, then be the guest of our partner to organize a fashion show together to attract people's attention in the city they're living in.)
(Ss from 15 to 18)


 Waste Management
 Environmental protection
 Youth Exchanges
 Lifelong Learning
 Arts Education

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