Interdisciplinary research regarding the marine waves energy into pilot stations located in the Black Sea (NORBLACKENERGY)

8 years ago

;     executive summary of the proposal

This project aims to capitalize on the results of the laboratory researches in a project funded within the CEEX program Interdisciplinary researches regarding the theoretical and experimental model for an ecological electro power station based on the see waves energy” CMTEEEM contr. 103 Within this contract was realized a functional model,  which was presented in several international inventions salons where it obtained four gold medals and two gold ;

Also, base don this invention was realized in the wave stand of the Technical Constructions University Bucharest a functional model in two variants, above the water and submersed, on which it was experimented with waves with a maximum amplitude obtained in the laboratory of 150 millimetres.

The floaters were created in a spherical shape (basically twelve 30 cm balls were used) and were guided with vertical rods that allow only up-down floating, following the wave. Over the floaters were disposed double gear rack that, through three curved arms (following the floater’s shape) are placed directly on the floater. At the floater’s rising, the double gear rack also rises and transmits the ascending linear movement to the first assembly of gears. In this phase, the second gears assembly is free (it rotates freely but does not engage anything) Through the first gears assembly, the ascending linear movement of the double gear rack is transformed into rotation movement and transmitted to summing shafts from which is then transmitted to the final summing shaft.

When the wave lowers, the spherical floater also descends and, under the action of gravity, also the double gear rack descends. In this phase, the first gears assembly becomes free (it rotates freely but does not engage anything). But now the second gears assembly starts functioning being engaged by the double gear rack now descending and transforming the lowering linear movement into rotation movement which is then transmitted to an intermediary summing shaft and then to the final summing shaft. The system is conceived so that i this simple, robust and reliable and no matter how many floating module sit has or how chaotic their movement is under the action of the waves, in the summing shaft is obtained a one-direction rotation movement that can be used to engage an electrical generator, a hydraulic pump, a compressor ;

The project refers to realizing a pilot station and making interdisciplinary researches for the capturing, conversion and use of sea waves energy in a Black Sea pilot station, isobaths 10-20. The solutions   used in this project represent part of a larger invention, author I. Corbu – Marine Ecological Electro plant,  Patent  OSIM no. 122557 from 28 August and copyright © AMPI 205072. The research aims transforming the chaotic hydromechanics energy of the waves into alternative linear movement which is then transformed into electrical movement. Also, as a result of obtaining rotative movement it is possible to obtain hydraulic movement followed by electrical energy or pneumatic energy which can later be converted to electrical energy. In the same time, based on the obtained electrical energy it is possible to make electrolysis of sea water obtaining hydrogen – clean fuel – and oxygen. We already have a principle agreement to plant the pilot station in the Black Sea, at Cap Midia, as presented in the annex.

The objectives followed in this project refer to theoretical and experimental research in the real exploitation location at sea We also look for the validation of the laboratory research results and of the hypothesis regarding the possibility to obtain electrical energy and hydrogen, by electrolysis, from the sea waves energy base don devices for capturing the waves’ kinetic-potential energy (spherical floaters) together with the carrying capacity of such floaters constructed as to follow the wave shape and have also a significant carrying capacity, without acting as an inertial system

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