Innovative traceability systems in the fashion world to guide all the actors involved in the supply chain in a co-evolution path towards a strategic approach oriented towards sustainability and continuous improvement of credibility and of the practices a

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The ID Factory is a service provider, who has implemented a Cloud-Based platform that supports Fashion Brands to better manage their complex supply chain, using data collected along with them, through a unique and peculiar traceability system, that follows materials journey from its origins to the nal products. Traceability is granted by a QR code applied in any single piece of raw material, the activation of the QR link any material batch to specic production order, placed by a specic manufacturer engaged with the ; All data generated from the product Purchasing Order (released into the IDF Platform) are registered automatically in the platform and as well linked to “material traceability”; we do aggregate or disaggregate those data and we do publish them in the system so any player involved shall monitor their performance and Brands shall access to any information and KPIs related to a single player or to its whole supply ; Within our traceability system, we set up a “Lab” tool in order to link any material batches, processed and despatched from any material vendor to a specic lab test, conducted by a 3rd party laboratory, stating compliance to Brands chemical ; This tool, linked to our traceability system, gives all platform user the possibility to locate (at any stage of the supply chain) any batch ; All test reports are visible and accessible by all players involved (Brand/Factories/material vendor) and reports are detailed per any test ; Any major or minor non-compliance immediately generates an alert to all involved parties. This process has been certied by Bureau Veritas, a third-party certifying body, who has been assessing and validating the ; The Lb tool has been implemented by any Brand, engaged with The ID Factory platform. The platform, using the data collected by the traceability system and linking them to the Vendors accreditation forms (containing information such as mandatory audit organized by the Brands, and several mandatory self-declaration about their best practices) automatically generates a supply chain ranking list, according to 4 dierent pillars: Sustainability, Service, Quality and Cost. The ranking systems give brands the possibility to make their supply chain evolve according to their strategic targets, under a coevolution policy. Under the ranking tool, Brands shall easily adopt any corrective action (in real-time) to make their supply chain players work immediately on specic ; This is possible due to more than 50 structured KPIs, monitoring any aspect directly related to manufacturing performances or to more strategic once mainly related to their compliance to Brands CoC. This denitely facilitates full transparency and coevolution within Brand international supply chains. A direct consequence of adopting our Traceability and Transparency driven platform is a drastic diminishing of ineciencies along processes. Nothing shall be changed for good without reliable and exact data: we provide and structure them, measuring what really matters, Fashion Brands is our playground.

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