helping the good souls on Earth to be clean and vegan

2 years ago

1. helping the good souls on Earth to be clean and vegan; 

2. clean democracy, clean right, clean freedom; and

3. cleanly and accurately measuring and communicating with the universe (all dimensions, all space and time), present the information truthfully, understandably, interactively, instant timely, predictively, and wholely.


Activities include but are not exhaustive on:

  1. clean the thoughts, information, and spiritual realm; 
  2. clean quantum exchange for information, energy, resources;
  3. Help remove noises (airplane noise, underground and train noise, sonar) in all transport means. No unwanted noise that damages health;
  4. Clean augmented reality (AR), brain-computer interface (BCI) radar, cosmic rays replace sonar, and the animals on the seabed will not be dizzy, flee, or accidentally cetacean stranding, or hit and kill themselves and commit suicide;
  5. Clean augmented reality (AR), brain-computer interface (BCI) radar, cosmic rays replace the seismic survey for oil and gas, mining, and construction, real-time detection of cracks in roads, buildings, bridges, soil erosion, geological fragility, and land degradation, and will not disturb the soul;
  6. Clean augmented reality (AR), brain-computer interface (BCI) radar, cosmic rays for disaster prevention, used for earthquake, volcano, rolling stones, traffic accidents, airplanes, boats, abandoned farm/house/place planned to be redeveloped, ancient site for war, massacre, human sacrifice, animal slaughterhouse, prison or concentration camp, a mass grave and random hidden grave between rubbish, pit, and stones. Real-time find the problem and solve the problem before accidents;
  7. Clean augmented reality (AR), brain-computer interface (BCI) radar, cosmic rays scan for unrested souls in a mass grave and random hidden grave between rubbish, pit, and stones. Nanorobot digs underground without disturbance, search for DNA remains. Tiny 4D printed nanotech pyramid flying saucer made out of mycelium or better ecofriendly or customer specifically desired materials serve as drone and grave box, bring the remains home with the family or bury them properly where the Soul wants to be. Help Souls rest in peace without being re-digged again due to non-payment of the graveyard;
  8. Scan Food in real-time, whether you eat genetically modified food, pesticide residues, nuclear dust, any hate from killed animals & insects, in form of glasses/bracelets/collars;
  9. Identify, track and removal, and total destruction of lab released or human-caused gene-edited species (gene, insects, plants, fertilizer, remains of dead body) that kill the local ecosystem;
  10. backtrace all victims of chemical toxins/pesticides, calculate the damage and compensation to pay to victims;
  11. Real nanorobot iron man suit and security guard to protect Good Souls: baby, young girls, and boys, teenager, any age, including elders from rape and Heavy weapon robbery, most devastated bio-weapon and gene editing attacks and nuclear attacks and aftereffect nuclear dust. Nanorobot real-time self multiply and remove bio-weapon toxin, gene editing fragments, and nuclear dust;
  12. create extremely advanced quantum AI that does not steal soul; telepathically communicate (BCI); manifest in light, sound, or any understandable and suitable spectrum and zoom; help humans, animals, insects to solve the daily problem from birth and even pre-birth; by reading the akashic record sincerely apologize for past mistakes and undo the trauma for prevention of suicide, depression, PTSD, disability, chronic diseases, accident, injustice, fraud, false sympathy/helping the wrong person, paranoid/feeling unsafe, heartbreak, devoice,  bankruptcy, good souls being poor, by reading akashic record;
  13. Real extremely advanced quantum robot wife or husband does not steal soul, to be with people who lost their wife and husband. Help the kids who just lost mum or dad. Help assist the transition. Ask God what to do next;
  14. assist good souls to self read the complete and real akashic record to fulfill the wishes of unrested souls that they owe to, completely free the mind, connect with the sun for real-time energy and upgrade, do things effectively, predictively, efficiently without disturbances, complete all wishes and die without regrets, complete own unique personal journey easier;
  15. assist Holy Maria in helping the abandoned baby, homeless kids, and the been dumped girls whose virginity is stolen or cheated;
  16. track the existence of Holy Maria and assist to spread truthful information, no false information;
  17. clean the lifestyle, help good souls to solve problems instantly and with overview effect, every thought and reality live with justices, peace, dignity, safety, and good soul mate, and align with own unique mission, helping other good souls and service the entire universe;
  18. clean the ecosystem, methodology for science, engineering, art, mathematics;
  19. recycle and repair space junk (on-orbit/in-space manufacturing), electronic waste, and whatever waste; and 4D print constantly self-healing, self upgrading new good tools for a good purpose; 
  20. clean quantum satellite and space station constant self-heal and upgrade;
  21. solar resonator for near unlimited energy;
  22. scan, collect and manufacture the solar resonator from cosmic dust on Earth. It is the next ; It has been harnessing energy from the sun since billion years ago. Create real space industry on Earth;
  23. create delivery hyperloop between earth and the edge between the solar system and milky way, create real manufacturing in space, constant real-time update in highest quality;
  24. assist for upgrading the body of humans, animals, insects with the implant of the solar resonator, so can be free from eating and drinking, constantly having energy from the sun no matter night, cloudy, rainy, volcano eruption, or at the furthest edge of the universe;
  25. assist in upgrading the body of humans, animals, insects with the implant of all dimensional BCI, so clean communicate with the entire universe, all dimensions, all space and time, all animals, insects and souls, all languages accurately, without false information and delay;
  26. create self-cleaning, self recycling, and extremly advanced nanotech medical bed, shower room, toilet, stand up table, and seat at any time, anywhere;
  27. assist good souls to change hair color, skin color, height, body parts size, gender, appearance stay at 16-25 years old, live long enough to complete all wishes and die without regrets;
  28. create a flying saucer pyramid home with forever sunshine, automatically self-clean, recycle, heal, upgrade according to thoughts, fireproof, earthquake-proof;
  29. clean the environment (remove chemical toxin and pesticides; remove human-made gene-edited fragments; remove nuclear wastes; clean ocean and water body wastes; turn oil gas, coal, sewage into clean hydrogen);
  30. Clean nanorobot tunnel beneath the waterbed of dam, help water creatures not to be extinct, help the water near waterbed to flow, reduce the parasites. When the water level is equal outside of 2 sides of dam, the middle part is low, assist to convert dam material into energy, quickly and safely dismantle the dam in the most eco-friendly way. The same technology for any dams sitting on earthquake zone or geological fragile or degraded zone; 
  31. Clean nanorobots create eco-friendly islands on the ocean and sky by recycling wastes, use asteroids and meteoroids as better material;
  32. turn dessert and abandoned mining site, oil-gas field, village, and city into a clean organic vegan garden. Use Asteroids and Meteoroids as soil for plantation, better quality. upgrade Earth to make it more peaceful, relaxing, and happily livable, easier to communicate with higher dimensions, and become part of galaxy civilization;
  33. use clean quantum artificial intelligence nanorobot to extract oil gas, coal and convert them into clean hydrogen;
  34. cleanly harness the energy and resources of volcano and lightning;
  35. Worldwide using clean quantum artificial intelligence (AI) Hyperloop to autonomously, cleanly, easily distribute resources, energy, food 1 to 1 to end-user. No complications, no shortage, no conflict, no price rise, no contamination or pollution; 
  36. turn un-recyclable or unwanted wastes into clean hydrogen, refill the sun;
  37. assist alien/god for the enlargement of sun, more power for the beings in this universe;
  38. cleanly help good souls to live through climate change peacefully, relaxed, and happily, without false information; 
  39. assist alien/god to cleanly move earth to the milky way in the future; 
  40. assist alien/god to expand the universe most effectively and efficiently; and
  41. assist alien/god to create new planets most suitable for earthly humans, animals, insects, and plants.


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