Halogen-free fire retardant wildfire fighting

Created on 25 Jan 2016
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Problem to be solved:

Wildfires are common, very difficult to fight and the most dangerous, compared with many natural disasters we have. Wildfires damage wildlife and vegetation, destroy houses and almost anything in its way. Additionally the economic loss can be huge.

One of the most effective way to fighting wildfires is by aircrafts, called tankers. In some developed countries, special pilot-less air tankers controlled by computers do this job that no human is put in harms way. Usually chemicals, used for wildfires fighting, are fire retardants like ammonium phosphate and foams. The phosphorus based fire retardants react with the cellulose present in grass or wood, which otherwise provide fuel for the fire. The formation of this insulating char, in effect stops the advance of the fire.

Idea for a project:

Interiorprotect Ltd. patented fire retardants are based on the synergistic effect of the phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, which make them more efficient in wildfire fighting, compared with the ammonium phosphate fire retardants.

Main advantages:

- fast absorption in only a few seconds;

- deep penetration in grass, leaves of the trees, etc.;

- prevent the emission of toxic smokes;

- ecological and environmental friendly;

- biodegradable;

- harmless;

- cost competitive.

There is a need to create an European standard for the impementation of the halogen-free fire retardants for wildfire fighting. A standard body need to be included in the project development.

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