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GIS Ltd. () is a Bulgarian transport company where a team specializing in express courier and delivery to the "door" works. The introduction of a supply management system leads to the involvement of software experts and the creation of its own management system. Capacity building in the areas of transportation, logistics and software programming is driving the company to new goals.

Bulgarian transport companies in Bulgaria are over 4,000, in 90% of micro, small and medium-sized companies that need maturing tools to support effective management. The project proposal aims to create transnational cooperation for the identification and transfer of an "innovative practice / product - software solution" that is financially accessible for small and medium-sized transport companies in which everyone has the choice to pay a fee calculated on a monthly basis, quarterly, six months, a year or once. The innovative product should be flexible and allow every transport company to start with a minimum package and in time be able to upgrade it. according to the needs of its growth. An innovative product should also allow the customer / merchant of a larger "software package" to limit the cost of software, with the system providing options for switching to a smaller one.

 The project idea is to create an "innovative software product" with a strong focus on micro and small transportation companies. The innovative platform is planned to make inquiries from the relevant customer or orders to the respective subcontractor, as well as a reference to the value of the orders, payment status, requested orders and other reports.
The impact of the transnational project is expected to provide a "digital solution" to easily optimize resources and integrate all processes required to manage transport companies in a single system.

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