French SME, microfluidics expert, offers its expertise for various upcoming H2020 calls on space, health, biotechnology, and energy

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Elvesys SAS



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At Elvesys, we develop cutting-edge microfluidic instruments to help researchers to surpass the state-of-the-art in their field. Our core interest is to participate in research consortia linked to microfluidics, bringing our expertise to develop the microfluidic system adapted to your specific application, for example diagnosis, chemical synthesis or analysis, point of care testing, artificial intelligence, soft robotics,

The list of calls that are interesting for us in the coming months:
- SPACE-10-TEC-2018-2020
- SPACE-27-TEC-2020
- SPACE-30-SCI-2020
- SU-SPACE-EGNSS-3-2019-2020
- DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2018-2019-2020
- LC-SC3-JA-5-2020
- SC1-BHC-06-2020
- SC1-BHC-11-2020
- SC1-BHC-17-2020
- SC1-BHC-34-2020
- SC1-BHC-35-2020
- SC1-BHC-36-2020
- SC1-DTH-12-2020
- CE-BIOTEC-08-2020

 Food Safety
 Health Care
 Innovation & Research
 Horizon Europe
 Artificial Intelligence

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