For migrants and european children : Passive language learning through TV and "temps de cerveau disponible"

7 years ago

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This project goal is to allow people to improve language skills while watching TV even when not watching educational shows.

Even if children are spending more and more time on internet, they are still watching a high volume of television, especially in poorer areas.

Would it be possible to learn something during all the “idle” time (ads, gap filling transitions, etc.)?

The goal of this project is automatically add a layer of educational information to TV channels.

This educational layer can be like subtitles / teletext or like small video clips played full screen or in Picture in Picture style. Or it can take the form of an optional quizz that the user can take at the end the show

For the learning to be effective and not disrupt the show, we need to use the context of the show to learn things. An easy way to use the context of the show would be to learn foreign languages vocabulary related to the show we are watching.
For example, the system won't suggest you the same vocabulary items whether you've been watching Game of Thrones, the news or The Simpsons

Children and migrants could benefit the most form this experience, since they are both in a situation where they need to learn a new foreign language.

I already did a very simple Proof of concept prototype (you can look for tecedi-smartzap on Github) and I can handle most of the technical part of this project. I also attached a diagram of I intend to system to work

What I would need:

  • Funding, at least to pay for my salary
  • A pedagogical team, because we need to know if this can work
  • People willing to test the product
  • If possible, other developers than me, to get results faster

Why this “temps de cerveau disponible” you'll ask?

This can be translated as “available brain time” and the expression comes from a French TV mogul who said his job was to sell “available brain time” (of people watching his channel) to advertisers.

It's time to claim our “available brain time” back ;-)

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