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Burgas is the fourth largest Bulgarian city, and in over 70% of the gross product is generated in the Tourism sector. The project aims to create new skills for modern digital tools and technologies, for tourism marketing of the natural and cultural resources of both municipalities. The modern active tourist lives in the world of "smartphone", he wants to make a personal choice "for everything". He wants to see the hotel, the rooms, the sea, the markets, the museums, the parks and more. Live and experience a specific experience, including augmented reality experiences, to decide whether or not it will be satisfactory to make a reservation. With new VR technologies it can enhance "very real reality", and people who like "new reality" have the desire to experience "real emotion real". For example, through "virtual reality and play" one can view real museums, natural sights, water skiing, dive into the sea, surf the waves, steer a yacht, fish and more. All this can be seen in augmented reality. The client / tourist turns from viewer into participant. Crossing the boundaries of reality and "fully immersing" in the new reality creates the conditions for creating "incredible tales", as winning strategies for "selling tourist services" is a mix of local reality and the new reality created. The project aims to promote the territorial uniqueness of the Burgas-Kameno FLAG by offering comprehensive, generating skills, investing in technologies to create attractive tourist resources for the natural and cultural historical heritage, with an increased focus on the "marine world of Burgas-Kamenovo" ".

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