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Africa is a continent with almost 1 billion people with over 120 million hectares of arable land and with very favourable climatic cndition. The Youth make up over 60% of the population. All these are factors that make Africa ripe for investment. In the past, Africa has been sidelines when it came to cooperation and investment and this has contributed heavily to the global problems we are witnessing today (Migration, War, Terrorism etc).

We at Resplendent Global Solutions have decided to be pro active in bridging continents together. Europe is giving birth to world class technologies that would go a long way in giving Afrcan lives dignity. Share your ideas and technologies with us. Resplendent Global Solution is looking for Partners with ideas and/or finances to act in the spaces of Agricultute, Energy and Housing in Kenya. Kenya has a population of 45 million people and it is the gateway to East Africa.

Come, do something in Africa. We need yor technologies/ Ideas the most. Our Agriculture, Energy and Housing sectors are in need of you. Get in touch with me for more details at

 Renewable Energy
 Social Housing

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