Expert platform for Smart Grid / Smart Cities EE technologies assessment [SmarTest]

Created on 09 Feb 2016
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The developed system will allow to:
•1. Automatically create energy design of house(s) having AutoCAD based drawings. This provides possibilities to conduct cluster analysis of certain type(s) of building saving substantial investments.
2. Use of smart energy-efficient house as a hub that will collect real-time data on energy consumption data from smart household appliances and enable intelligent automation using smart energy grids.
3. To create big data management infrastructures to allow electricity production and consumption to be measured, reported and controlled (and eventually credited or billed).
4. Create WEB-platform for on-line control of energy consumption in buildings for their optimization. This platform can serve as “on-line hot-line” consultancy center.
5. Developing to provide sustainable and efficient approach to energy management system in building sector.

Creating computer platform for development and modeling of certain Smart Grids with assessment of REAL efficiency of integrated energy effective technologies (software and hardware) available for Smart Cities.
The proposed technology is built on: - using available open industry standards in both the ICT and energy sectors; - employing communication and computing capabilities that are already in widespread use in mainstream home and working environments.
The aim of the project is to develop an integrated system for effective monitoring and management of energy effective technology usage in buildings, leveraging geographic information systems and decision-support systems with smart energy grids functionality.


 Low-Carbon Technology
 IT Applications

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