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Old computers, new computers, mobile computers, computers in your pocket, computers in your hand, computers in your bag / backpack, computers in the workplace - all computers always do basically four things:
Мат Accept the information we want;
Ват Store the information we want;
 Process information by algorithm;
 They display the information we have requested.
Computers are our second essence. We store letters, photos, archive personal documents, interact with people, watch movies, listen to music, etc. Having a modern device is also seen as an element of social prestige. Every day, thousands of "advertising sirens" advise people to buy a new and even newer computer device. The next day it all starts again. Research shows that people in the 16-30 age range change their computer devices every 6 months or one year. Those between 35-60 years old do this within 2-3 years. People over the age of 60 make changes rarely, and if necessary. The purchase of second hand equipment is not a technological dispute, but a socio-psychological one. What we want to do with the computer is a fundamental question, because one does not buy a tractor to cover 20 square meters. garden area after this can be done with a simple shovel for 15 minutes.
Rabit Bulgaria Ltd. is a Bulgarian company that intends to meet the needs of as many IT equipment clients as possible at affordable social prices. It wants to create an e-commerce platform that will enable it to sell its IT products on European markets. The platform will create small information clips, providing additional opportunity for personal communication and consultation of any product that the customer is interested in.
The project idea is to create an "innovative e-platform" for second-hand IT equipment. Rabit Bulgaria EOOD seeks a transnational partnership to deliver an idea that supports Europe's flagship Digital Agenda for Europe initiative, with a specific project focus on "Realizing initiatives that develop ICT potential for the benefit of society.

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