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Created on 29 May 2016
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Looking for Partnership

Looking for Lead Partner

Looking for an experienced host organisation which focuses at least on two of the following fields of activities:

- Management / Policy Consulting,

- Program Development / Management or Advocacy for SMEs (in particular micro entreprises),

- Culture and/or Creative Industries,

The organisation must be at least three years in the market and should be leaded by an entrepreneur personality (at least one essential board member must be entrepreneur himself).

Ideally, the organisation has experience or strong links with

- the MENA sub-region, and/or

- with programs related to the Sustainable Development Agenda

The organisation is not in a role as promoter or intermediate organisation for the COSME sub-program ERASMUS for Entreprenerus.

The organisation should have the capacity to cooperate on possible joint future projects as a host organisation for approx. six month.

One operational office of the organisation must be seated within the EU.

The organisation should be interested to expand its thematic or territorial scope of activities or its rooster of experts or associates on a mid- to long term perspective.


I offer:

- highly engaged in SME, Creative Industry Development and the EMEA sub-region

- 25 years experience in the field of creative industries,

- a row of general or field related highly specialised services and competences,

- an innovative cross cutting program for SME development and market participation, including potential new clients, partners and further stakeholders.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. You can also contact me directly via my website as indicated in my profile.

 Enterprise and Industry
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Creative Industries
 Cultural Management
 Culture and Development
 Digital Culture
 Cohesion Policy
 Creative Europe

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