Environmnetal security and CSDP/CFSP

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The analysis of the intersection between science, policy, and practice will help us to correlate and evaluate, what is said by the EU-actors (securitizing move) and what is done (security practice) in relation to climate change and security issues. In half of the nineties the environmental security scholars were divided basically according to the response they gave to the question: “should the environmental issues be integrated into the security concept?” After this stage the question became “what is the security threat and who is the threatened entity by environmental issues?” These questions, while partially drove the scholars to associate security and the environment, do not help to answer the question “how should securitise the environment to improve human security?” By answering the latter question we move from ‘why’ questions to ‘how possible’ questions which can be translated into proactive policies and ;

The European security strategies need a holistic approach that include the human-induced environmental change––environmental degradation, gas emissions, ozone layer depletion, climate change ;–and its security implications. Such an approach will give to the EU’s security actors the opportunity to have-long term predictions and short-term reactions for environmental issues that are threats or threat multipliers. Currently, international relations and its actors have much more interdependence than they used to have; the European Union as a global actor who affects these relations, through the Common Security and Defense Policy should be able to fulfill our security needs and expectations.

If we answer the question of whether the EU’s security actors integrate the environmental security dimensions related to climate change to ensure the union’s security needs, we will have built a bridge between environment and security. The bridge will span the gap that separates scientists on one side and EU policymakers on the other. This research has the potential to contribute to the academic understanding of the European Security through the lenses of environment, but more than this, it may have an impact on wider comprehension of security instabilities as a result of environmental change

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