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My name is Víctor Pesquera and I am the R&D Project Coordinator of the company EIIT.

EIIT is a company with more than 35 years of experience in the design, manufacture and creation of Electronic Tests for various industries in addition to the automation of assembly lines.

The EIIT Group was established in early 2011 as a result of the strategic partnership of three engineering companies: EIIT, Parsec and Controlar. All of them had previously been recognized as experts in their sectors, therefore, their activities, products and solutions were perfectly integrated to create a comprehensive business portfolio.

Since 2018 EIIT is part of the Controlar Group with presence in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Malaysia.

The different business areas (Aeronautics, STE, Automation and Partnership) in which EIIT is divided have been structured so that customers are directly related to the available resources.

  • STE: Its know-how (NI Software, Buses ...) and its continuous training guarantees the development of functional tests on different products that verify the correct assembly and operation of all types of electronic circuits of any type of technology integrating if it necessary, in useful or RIGS.
  • AUTOMATION: Due the synergies obtained between our mechanical, electrical, electronic, control and software engineering teams, we develop integral automation projects, with improved, more efficient and optimized industrial processes. Similarly, many projects involve the Special Test Team to complement automation solutions with a series of tests that include electricity, electronics, machine vision, real-time robot control, etc. "
  • AERONAUTICS: From EIIT we design advanced systems for the Aerospace and Defense industry following the specifications and requirements of our customers. We manufacture and design these products for any customer in any part of the globe, focusing our products on "Maritime Patrol", Eurocopter and EFA-2000 without forgetting training systems for the aircraft crew.

For several years from now, our sister company in Portugal has been working on innovation, some years ago from Direction it was understood that doing nothing has ceased to be an option, only companies capable of innovating and adapting to market changes they will survive and although it is true that changing years of culture is not easy, you have to be sensitive and adapt to the circumstances to implement this change without failing or frustrating the organization.

[CA1] I feel especially proud and oriented in the field of innovation of my DLIB project management for ITER, where the development and testing of a PCB card undergoing a tremendously demanding certification and that will be part of the Control Interlock System makes me feel participate, even if insignificantly, part of the world's largest research project.

I make the changes a reality, I anticipate the needs and impulse initiatives to make my company more competitive, from my position I also take care of the official relations of the company with all the organizations or companies related to innovation, search for new projects, Horizon2020 and the like, subsidies, deductions… Eco-Design and Innovation, Seek opportunities to engage into European-wide projects

Thank you for your time, be clear that I will respond to your demands in the most appropriate way and I am sure that we can somehow collaborate to create, manage that product that will somehow improve this world.

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