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4 years ago

Zasavje Regional Development Agency/Regionalna razvojna agencija Zasavje

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Zasavje Regional Development Agency from Slovenia is searching for different opportunities on international level. Please find more information about us and our region below:

RDA Zasavje

Regionalna razvojna agencija Zasavje/Zasavje Regional Development Agency (RDA Zasavje, established in 2016) as regional development agency carries out, in the public interest, tasks for the promotion of regional development and general development tasks at regional level, with an aim of reducing development gap of the region according to the Slovenian and European average and also reducing development disparities, within the region namely the following tasks:

- preparation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the regional development program and regional projects in the region;

- elaboration of the agreement for the development of the region;

- the implementation of regional projects and cooperation in the tender procedures implementation, public procurements and public private partnerships in the framework of regional projects;

- providing cooperation and support for the RRA Zasavje council, council of the region, regional development network and regional development partnerships;

- informing, general consulting, accumulating project ideas and directing the development partners in the region in setting up projects, in submitting applications to tenders and in the implementation of regional projects;

- transfer of knowledge and regional development good practices;

- assistance for the implementation of the regional financial schemes;

- coordination and implementation of other tasks in the public interest in the field of regional policy after prior approval by the authority responsible for regional development (Council of the Region/Regional Development council);

RDA Zasavje along with regional structures establishes the conditions and elaborates key regional documents and so the basis for further development of the region in the current and future financial perspective.

RDA Zasavje is also in charge of implementation of Regional guarantee scheme Zasavje, Regional scholarship scheme 2016-2022 and instruments that are under Action 1 of the programme for Problem area Hrastnik, Radeče, Trbovlje 2013-2020.

Everyday implementation, promotion and dissemination of Programmes possibilities, provide the employees of RDA Zasavje all the necessary competences and skills, that are needed for successful project implementaion, dissemination and exploitation of results.

Beside the promotion of regional development, agency's employees transfer good practices from other European regions to the Zasavje region and Slovenia in general.

We foster connections among regional key stakeholders and offer help and necessary information to regional enterprises, civil society and other organizations from different fields.

We also have connections with all the others Slovenian regional development agencies and with numerous development institutions from the countries of south eastern Europe and other parts of Europe as well. Due to our geographical position and good relations with many countries, we could play an important role as a bridge connecting current and future EU members.


Zasavje region

Zasavje region is the most mining region in Slovenia covers three municipalities (Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Zagorje).
Their economic boom started 200 years ago, with the development of coal mining industry. After two centuries, the region has faced with the end of the industrial area, which has given a significant mark to the landscape, people, cuisine and lifestyle. Mining has become a side-line of economic development in Zasavje, and also in Europe in general.
The towns which arose after the industrial revolution and developed rich mining activity, have been recently forced to seek new paths and new opportunities. Migrations, tourism, labour movement and significant changes of cultural landscape have left permanent mark in those cities regarding to 200 years of mining history.
And now, after two centuries, we are at the crossroad again and searching for new , marked by the mining impact, face challenges of finding new branches like tourism, development, integration and networking.

If you think that our organisation is suitable for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open for any kind of cooperation on the international ;

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