Development of smart computer codes for educational needs made mutually by educators and students

4 years ago

Yevgeny Gayev



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it is suggested to use an easy own student's programming in a modern mathematical and programming environment to make own smart codes for phenomena under study. MATLAB seems to fit best for the requirements expressed. In the latter we agree with ;but the own activity of student we put on the focus.

This proposal includes the following aspects:
1 develop smart computer programs that facilitate education of programmers and that in other science areas. Particularly, game-based learning is a type of smart programs ;
2 Those smart programs will address to a wide audience especially young people and provide means to "experiment" in areas under study enhancing in such a way their abbilities to understand and learn various educational materials.
3 Programs will be developed mainly by students in their cource of Programming in MATLAB and Java environments, managed by their educators. There is an extended experience in such activities partially described in our books 
And finally
4 encourage students to make their own computer codes in order to better master the teaching ;

To make the easier and faster, programming environments like MATLAB are to be involved. The project outcome will be in several such programs in areas of programming itself, in mathematics and physics and in other areas of partner' interests, and also in methodological supplements for a wide dissemination

Several smart computer programs (codes) will be presented to be used in educational areas for school children, for university students and even for adult people. By means of such programs they will get opportunities to do virtual experiment with educational material, including making test with it or/and other form of feedback. This should make each learning much more adaptive and informal.
Specifically, our codes will encounter features of children and adults with various physical disabilities. All together is hoped to contribute to digital learning ecosystem in Europe.

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