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  • Tagaddod (Arabic for ‘renewal’) is a pioneering renewable Energy and Waste Management Egyptian company, established in 2013 in Cairo. Founders of Tagaddod are a group of three Egyptian youth who decided to establish their own startup. The three Egyptians were inspired with their graduation project at school to establish their own business to pay back to the Egyptian community and invest their education in community service through opening new job opportunities for Egyptian youth and establishing a new culture that supports recycling and waste management. Tagaddod team believes in sustainability and they aim to have a self- sufficient business that makes a small margin of profit that enable the business to run and grow. Changing the Egyptian culture from consumption to waste management is considered the biggest challenge, however, we believe that it’s doable by being persistent and target oriented. We believe that it’s a matter of time and hard work in order to reach our vision, but we still need financial and technical support in order to be ; Our main product in Tagaddod is biodiesel that’s made of used cooking oil and we’ve succeeded to collect around (…) gallon of oil to produce (….) of biodiesel throughout the last 6 years. (a brief of how many employees/workers we have in Tagaddod)

 Renewable Energy
 Waste Management
 Environmental protection

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