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The proposal - D-PAD OF MED  EXPERIENCE has as its main objective the creation of a collaborative platform for a virtual and viable experiential destination that extends across the region of the Med  Sea Basin, attracting the public in an adventure journey providing integrated experiences as added value to the services and determining it as a unique selling proposition (USP).

Planning and development objectives

  • Development of “peer to peer” collaborative models from the bottom up for the formulation of equity DMOs enabled for Crowdsourcing.
  • Activation of civil society and capacity building in the target of staffing the new project and the possibility of finding specialized employment opportunities.
  • Creation of cross-border tourism packages in the context of introducing the new brand name Development of a new pilot tourist route «CROSS ROUTES CIVILIZATIONS® in the region of the Med  Sea Basin and integration in the development of the certified cultural route  in the framework of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.
  • Collaboration and synergy of all the tourism cross sectors along the tourism chain,
  • Creation of ICT tool – “TRIPCOL®” (with process innovation) targeting the development  of destination's resource & experience (with a joint open data base) through an innovative web application - a new on line web Destination’s Experience Management System (DΕMS) operation,. The new DEMS, will support the full range of tourist primary and secondary attractions, combining the focused thematic display of a destination's interdependent natural and man-made resources with the offering of "experience" as it is defined by the "experience economy"(B. Joseph Pine & James H. Gilmore, 1999, Harvard).
  • The application will at the same time be initiated in the field of e-destination e-tourism and combined with e-business, and when fully deployed will aim at forms of e-business B2B, B2C, C2B and B2G either self-determined or in combination
  • It will include education links, active networking with tourism schools/institutions in the region, student/researchers within the framework of applying process innovation in the data collection procedure and attributing viability to the new application.
  • Transferability to businesses (Build active based clusters)
  • Use of the new DEMS through mobile application for developing and promoting individual focused routes within the virtual destination and ability to create Dynamic Packaging Systems in the e-Tourism Information System.
  • Free hosting and business promotion within the new route and their internationalization
  • Training of operational stakeholders on the modern trends of the development of services and participation in collaborative models of tourism economy and innovation.
  • Improved cultural and historical sites as a direct consequence of programme support (4 already mature projects in the Greek Municipalities )

Partners already involved: Municipalities from EU, Greece, Lebanon, Palestine 
Partners searched: Partners with similar roles, interests and new ideas 
Total estimated budget: ,00 euro (40% for improvement cultural infrastructures)

 Capacity Building
 Development and Cooperation
 Adult Learning
 Cultural heritage
 Cross-border cooperation
 Transnational cooperation

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