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The idea of Creative Thought United (CTU) came up as a solution to the lack of knowledge sharing between creatives from different fields in the Nordic-Baltic region. Although professionals from advertising, architecture, design, media, IT, publishing, visual and performing arts share the same values, more often these spheres function as separate worlds disregarding a vast pool of potential.

By organizing a series of joint meetings, conferences, workshops, and joint training CTU aims to establish a network of creatives from various fields who are already involved in non-formal education through arts and culture. Consolidating diverse methodologies taken from philosophy, cultural entrepreneurship, service design, art coaching, sustainability and dialogue will allow to find the best way to consolidate and actualize creative potential of the Nordic-Baltic region. The activities will simultaneously cover the development of diverse creative skills, which are essential in any field of creative industries. After participants will be able to connect and incorporate various specialties and skills in their daily creative activities. In addition, the activities will not only include interactive learning, but will also function as a platform for building relationships, spreading the professional network, mutual problem solving, further collaboration, and fostering various cultural initiatives to happen. It is also intended to make the framework sustainable and continued in the future.

The project will orientate towards creative professionals with experience and specialization in the field, connecting activities with recent trends and urges in the creative market.


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