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Caixa de Mitos

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Local actions need to be connected to sustainable development andLocal actions must be linked to the dynamics of sustainable development. In these terms:
- We carry out studies for local actors, mainly municipalities and local associations / main strategy: participatory action research;
- We carry out advisory actions for the installation and dynamization of local networks to implement collaborative processes / main strategy: collective intelligence and social design processes;
- we promote the bringing together of all education and training actors in the territories to co-build Municipal Community Education Plan / main strategy demonstration pilot actions;
- We promote Social Innovation Workshops, on topics such as the Encouragement of people and organizations to strengthen their Power to Act; the self-organization of local populations and groups of citizens for ecological and climate change goals; Ecosol Workshops that audit entrepreneurship projects in the light of sustainability criteria; the Project Yard that encourages innovation in new projects or others that are having difficulty making progress; Inforural workshops that facilitate bridging between urban and rural areas through collaborative and sustainable projects / core strategy DO WITH rather than DO FOR;
- We streamline editing and production services for media and multimedia content, encouraging collaborative communication and bottom-up / core citizen journalism strategy.

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