Call for Partners: Youth Engagement for Sustainable Tourism Project

3 years ago

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Youth are diffident in the political system which makes their participation in decision making low, and believe that there are still limited opportunities regarding their involvement in the social and cultural life. To address such pitfalls, youth need to have broader platforms that encourage their engagement and inspire their cre-active attitude. One opportunity to foster their interest is to provide them with the tools for preserving their country cultural resources through sharing it to a wider public.

The project aims to establish a platform of activities enhanced between countries like Albania, Montenegro, Crotia and XXX that engage youth in acknowledging and promoting further the potential of tourism heritage.

In this way the youth of engaged countries will be not only users of these resources but also propped up/supported to become part of a new shared culture which includes many expressions of diversity. In this context the natural and culture heritage can transform people’s lives in a creative force that brings them together in a process based on consultation and participation.

Partners: Town of Porec , Croatia

                Public Institute for Culture , Hercegnovi- Montenegro

                Municipality of Vau Dejes, Albania

                Institute for Democracy and Solidarity , Albania


 Sustainable Tourism
 Cultural heritage

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