Bulgarian Association of Bioproducts in Support of Small Agricultural Companies

3 years ago

Bulgarian Bio-products Association



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Beyond the public health threat, the COVID-19 epidemic is a severe economic stress test for the Bulgarian economy, with major blows coming from an unexpected direction. Fruits and vegetables will become scarce in Europe, and the global movement of production and people needed to harvest crops after the pandemic will have another paradigm. In Bulgaria, food and almost all fruits and vegetables went up sharply, and the daily dismissal of thousands of people, due to the practical sealing of each country, raised the question for the first time - What is food independence, is it an element of national security? Why does agrarian Bulgaria produce 3-4 agricultural products - wheat, sunflower, rapeseed, corn? Why are Bulgarian fruits, vegetables and canned food missing? A huge complication of this is the practical depopulation of villages, the lack of market structures to facilitate farmers. Few farmers' markets are under the control of large importers of agricultural commodities.
 The Bulgarian Bioproducts Association (BAB) is a branch organization bringing together producers and traders of organic raw materials and products in Bulgaria. Bulgarian goods are environmentally friendly but are about to disappear from the market. There are currently no farmers' markets for small farmers. There are no encompassing structures that fit into commercial logic. There are no processing plants in the near perimeter. BAB is seeking, through a transnational partnership, a digital marketing solution that brings together farmers and industrial buyers. The Bulgarian Bioproducts Association wants to introduce, through a digital platform, a network of services that will lead to online payment between seller and buyer, and will additionally offer options for checking the quality of products and other logistics services. The main idea is to create an opportunity for the small-scale agricultural market to be easily marketed through the new platform.


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