Best practises for sustainable development and Indusrial Symbiosis

1 year ago

Dimitris Kouras



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Symbiosis project proposes an integrated approach to the management and utilization of organic residues. The term organic waste does not mean only the organic portion of urban waste but more importantly  agricultural residues and animal breeding facilities that are basically an untapped potential. The main challenge of the project is to reconcile the biowaste output with demand in cross sectorial industries for use either as a feedstock or as fuel. This will be done with the detailed record of producers and potential users and the achievements of business agreements. Aim also is the examination of End-life solutions  such as composting for the exploitation of organic waste as fertilizer, to control the waste flows in order to reduce the disposal of organic materials that are driven to the landfills. Currently, the utilization of organic waste is almost zero without a complete project proposal development for the use and exploitation of those material.   

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