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1 year ago

Stefan Ilic

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I am an enthusiast who would like to help everyone, all around the world. With this great product we would like to accomplish our goal that is production in a sanitary environment and that is a whole reason we are here. We would like to make it and after that sell it at affordable price that will make possible for anyone, wherever he is, to hold in prays never to use it.

 First, we are all aware that in some point of our life we injure our skin or body or ourselves. In some cases, we need to deal quickly, and we are come to the awesome idea that this will help anyone who cut or hurt himself and to prevent bleeding, to cover the area of impact in the quickest way and to stop massive bleeding.

Also, if your animal gets heart, you will be in position to help him prevent bleeding in the quickest way until you take him to see his veterinary.

Bandages that we will launch will be in 3 sizes. Packaging will be in eco-friendly.

The bandage will stop the bleeding because it will make pressure around the wound and, if you use one with the sanitizer, wound be temporary clean


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