Artificial intelligence for medical consultations

2 years ago

Lu Chen

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Corti is one of the market leaders for AI research and implementation in the healthcare industry. We started our journey with a focus on  the emergency medical service (EMS) sector. Every year the number of emergency calls made increases roughly +10%. Critical illnesses ( cardiac arrest), pandemic outbreak ( COVID-19), new patient expectations, and more pressure on the healthcare system in total, makes the state of emergency management unstable at a global scale. At emergency departments, call takers and dispatchers are trained to diagnose and triage patients they may never see or touch, working under immense pressure and time constraint to ensure we all have the help we need on the worst day of our life. Therefore, Corti made this their first vertical: Help emergency dispatchers keep people safe through faster and better decisions.

In order to truly revolutionise the EMS sector, we started with analysing the emergency calls, improving the quality assurance and generating insights for the dispatchers and medical directors. Based on data analytics, Corti develops machine learning models for disease detection, which support the triage decision-making process in real-time.

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