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1 year ago

We are looking for partners for developing project in the fourth call of Active Citizens Fund. We are ready to exchange ideas to make a perfect project! ACF focuses on the projects which contains set of activities to ensure long-term positive impact on strengthening the democratic culture or human rights in Latvia and where applicant demonstrates their strategic approach and ability to achieve these changes. The goal of the program “Democracy culture” is to strengthen democratic culture and civic awareness in Latvia. The program will support activities that enhance public awareness about democracy (campaigns, educational activities), promote citizen engagement in civic activities (developing co-working skills; citizen, youth engagement and empowerment of vulnerable groups) and reinforce watchdog and advocacy roles of civil society organizations (participation in decision-making processes, researches, availability of information etc.). The goal of the program “Human rights” is to enhance the understanding of Latvia society about human rights. The program will support activities that promote public awareness about human rights (campaigns, educational classes, cross-cultural activities and others) and foster capacity of civil society organizations working in the field of human rights (interest representation, services for victims of human rights violations and discrimination, researches etc.). Projects including educational awareness-raising activities on human rights (formal, informal education) and/or intercultural dialogue initiatives to raise awareness and tolerance for Latvian minorities will receive additional points in specific quality criteria.

 Education and Training
 Cultural Management
 Culture and Development
 Human Rights

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