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The Vytonic Respiratory Nano-silver Collaboration (RNC) is a drug development open-source program. While there has been good academic research done on the anti-bacterial and anti-viral potential of nano-silver colloids (NAgC), there has not been any proper drug development program or progress done. Consequently, the commercial market has been left to be filled by unprofessional manufacturers and unsupported medical claims. According to our analysis (see our “scientific background”), non of the products on the market is effective for medical treatment. Moreover, we proclaim that the proper medicinal application of colloidal silver for respiratory care is by inhalation (not by ingestion). The Vytonic Respiratory Nano-silver Collaboration (RNC) is established in order to decisively change this state of affairs in the world. Our goal is to proceed through all the steps and procedures of drug development as suitable anywhere in the world. The RNC will guide and provide:


  • Standardized formulations – free for any R&D, testing and clinical trials
  • Funding assistance to research and clinical trials
  • Regulatory support
  • Open channels to manufacturing resources


The Vytonic COVID-19 Respiratory Nano-silver Collaboration (RNC) is an initiative that brings together academia, national institutions, healthcare providers, technology firms, nonprofits, and startups. Together, we shall develop and promote public non-proprietary (non-patented) pharmaceutical formulations, based on Nano-silver colloids, for treatments of respiratory infections via inhalation delivery. These formulations should enable the improvement of public health and hospital intensive care outcomes, at a low cost that can be globally accessible and available within a short duration. Our main target treatment areas comprise: (a) Corona (SARS) viral infections, (b) Influenza, and (c) hospital ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). We will endeavour to develop standardized formulations, through clinical trials, all the way to medicinal regulatory approval in any country in the world.

Respiratory infections, ranging from Influenza, to SARS, and to hospital acquired pneumonia, are a constant devastating threat to public health and hospital patients worldwide. Nano-silver colloids (NAgC) have overwhelmingly positive in-vitro and animal testing data, combined with similarly established strong and diverse safety testing (both academic and EU and USA national safety bodies reviews). If it was some other new drug substance, it would have been heralded as one of the most promising anti-microbial potential drugs in history, which would have been rushed to be developed by big pharma companies. That this did not happen, with nano-silver colloids, is only due to a market failure – the inability to patent any of it. Consequently, the gap between promising academic research and marketable regulatory approved products has been filled by “alternative medicine” unprofessional charlatans – giving bad publicity to the whole field. In order to overcome this market failure situation, we here establish our open-source drug development program – the Respiratory Nano-silver Collaboration (RNC). Our goal is to realise the potential of nano-silver colloids to deliver effective, safe and globally affordable respiratory infections treatments.


At the RNC Collaboration, our mission is to transform the global availability options for prevention and treatment of respiratory infections, from minor to sever. We intend to change fundamentally the way respiratory infection diseases are managed and prevented, both at home and in hospital settings. Working based on real science against the un-informed dogma, we intend to bring to the world standardized, safe and effective, nano-silver respiratory treatments to become available all over the world. The outcome of our research and development collaboration will be a clinically proven set of effective nano-silver colloid (NAgC) formulations and associated treatment protocols via inhalation for both known and emerging viral and bacterial respiratory infections. We will aspire to support the regulatory approval of our treatments anywhere in the world.


The RNC Collaboration is a global endeavor, that address key unmet needs of treatment for respiratory infection diseases. Ranging from the common seasonal flu to emerging viral epidemics like the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2), respiratory infections are the most common illness in the world. There should be broadly effective medication, to be available and affordable all over the world, including particularly in developing countries. Yet, it has been a conventional wisdom that respiratory viral infections have no truly accessible medicinal treatment, if any. Even the most available medication – Tamiflu – is of limited efficacy, highly expensive, and mostly unavailable to the global population of patients. Overcoming this state of affairs, the RNC Collaboration nano-silver colloids (NAgC) formulations will transform global practice and standards of respiratory infections management at home and at the hospital.


  • Standardized formulations
  • Funding assistance
  • Regulatory support

The RNC coordination center (operated by Vytonic Ltd.) will not dictate or control the research of any member. We are here to assist. As a service to the collaboration members, the RNC coordination center will provide free a selection of standardized formulations for research and clinical trials. In addition, the RNC coordination center will strive to assist collaboration members with funding for associated research and testing projects. We shall seek to complete the development cycle all the way to support local national initiatives for regulatory approval of the developed drug formulations and treatment protocols.


A drug is useless unless it is available and affordable for patients use. The path from laboratory tests all the way to clinical trials and regulatory approval requires the combination of multiple resources and capabilities. We foster an interdisciplinary global collaborations for better outcomes. Partnering with academic researchers, healthcare professionals, and public institutes around the world, our approach seeks to combine complementary skills.


We bring solutions and enable scientific research for the benefit of patients. We work for change that will improve access to medicines: effective accessible treatments at an affordable price. All the nano-silver colloid (NAgC) formulations of the RNC Collaboration will be non-patented. Therefore, we expect the outcome to be available to anyone in the world to manufacture or buy at an affordable cost without big pharma or international dependence. Thereby, the fruits of our research development will be available indiscriminately worldwide within a short time.



We focus on transforming individual lives in three respiratory infections therapeutic areas:

  • Corona virus treatment (including SARS-CoV-2) for home and hospital use.
  • Influenza virus treatment for home and hospital use.
  • Prophylactic hospital ventilated patient care for prevention of VAP.

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