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10 months ago

Luca Danieli



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The idea consists in the creation of an open and free online Forum, open to Italian and foreign citizens.

The platform wants to provide advice to citizens who face problems or controversies in their workplace. People interested in joining the platform will be those looking for quick information about their problems, so to understand whether it is the case to act, and to share ideas about possible solutions. Among these is the problem of gender equality and gender-minorities. In this way, the forum wants to share idea on how to react to the situations, promoting a better consciousness about humar rights and work-related issues.

No platform of this kind is yet available in Italy, and the implementation of it would be a success. The current system in Italy suggest citizen to contact NGO organisations for whatever problem faced. However, this system has the effect to discourage people from becomimg aware of their rights, as the process takes time, effort and exposure. Specifically in little town when people know each other.

I believe that a better awareness on social and human rights in the workplace, and a promotion to apply legal procedures to avoid conflicts and promote cooperation in the workplace wmong different cathegories, can only come from providing people with a platform in which to find prompt responses to clarify their doubts.

Nevertheless, the platform want to be a place of discussion among peers, in which they can share their experiences so to suggest effective ways that have been implemented already to improve specific and confusing situations.

Let's make it! I need your help to make the world a better place.

 Gender Equality
 Minority groups
 Public Safety
 Human Rights

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