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Zwiększenie szans na podjęcie pracy w zawodzie technik informatyk dla uczniów Zespołu Szkół nr 36 w Warszawie
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A project ‘A rise of chances of employment for IT technician occupation for students of School Complex 36 in Warsaw’ is the 24 months project. During the project 32 students who educate on IT technician occupation will go on overseas work practice. It will be done it two rounds: the first trip will be in the first quarter of 2017 and the second one in the first quarter of 2018. Each group will contain 16 students; what is more, each trip will last three weeks of work practice in enterprises in Great Britain. It is provided work practice for two nonacademic teachers as part of the project that will last six weeks. It will be held on July - August 2017 in enterprises in Great Britain. The main aims of the projects are the following:- the rise of students’ professional competences and chances of satisfying employment, - promotion of enterprising behaviour by observing and gaining work practice in business located in different countries ( Great Britain),- improvement of English language skills,- promotion of European importance and collaboration between countries,- motivating students to educate on IT occupations and to take up a job in area of business, - familiarize students with British system of education ( that is more oriented on work practice than education in Poland) and adapt solid work practice in our school,- update of work experience and teacher competences through gaining new experiences , transferring them on school standards, raising education quality and gaining experiences in terms of collaboration between organizations.The aims of the project are compatible with trends of developmental Masovia described in a survey ‘ Education as a factor of Masovia development’ which advises to better connection of an educational offer with a labour market; moreover, it advises to facilitate a career start for youth. It is also compatible with a Strategy of Warsaw Development until 2020. Students who will take part in the project will gain experience that allows them to find a satisfying job in their profession. It will have an influence on companies that they will apply for. Students will get language support and help in solving current issues. There will be organized trips towards introducing country of destination culture. Youth after the project will be more confident of their competences and language skills. Part of them will carry on education at universities. They will become students with wide work experience in contrary to majority of high school graduates. In case of such career path choice, they will have bigger chances to take up a rewarding job in domestic and international enterprises on appropriate position. The quality change in terms of education is possible with connection with educational development of workers. The update of work experience and teachers’ competences influence on new methods of teaching, more practical learning for labour market needs. The influence of such changes will prove that further grade levels will possess higher competences on labour market. They will be more satisfied with education ;moreover, it may be easier to find satisfactory job. This influence will be regional and domestic . It is possible that even a small group of high school graduates will find a job abroad. Students who are interested in the project will have an opportunity to familiarize with it on the school website as well as in three companies that will inform about participation and the results. Two videos will be prepared by students and addressed to high school and the last grades of lower-secondary students. One of the videos will be prepared by teachers who take part in work practice and it will be addresses mostly to teachers of high schools and other interested people.
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