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Zwei + Drei
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Twelve teachers and one secretary having been chosen according to the displayed criteria are going to take part in the project “Two + Three”.One long-term strategy of our school is introducing our students to as many foreign languages as possible. Every student is to master at least four languages at different levels. The teachers serving as role models are to master at least four languages as well – with the basic knowledge of a fifth language. The participants take part in one-to two week structured language courses in France, England or Spain or they do job shadowing for two weeks in France or Spain. Abroad, they come into contact with colleagues from other nations. Together, they can exchange ideas, learn from each other, discuss different methodical and didactic innovations and evaluate them. By doing so, both sides are able to improve their competences, linked to their professional profiles.During their travel they pursue the aims: - increase of cultural and intercultural competence- cooperation with partners from other countries in order to establish a school exchange program- insight into intercultural comparison of youth cultures, education programs/models and variety of methods in teaching- insight into international connections- current topics in society.The key topics of the project will be:- learning and teaching foreign languages- IKT - new technologies - digital competence- innovative curricula/pedagogical methods/development of teacher training actions/programs.In the planning and preparation process of the project, school administration and the participants and their sections work closely together, to ensure the implementation of the project into the school program. According to the concept of multiplication, all partners of our school community (colleagues, students, parents and administration) will benefit from the international insights of the teacher training. Displaying the evaluation results in subject meetings, an official reader, and representation on the school webpage will ensure this. In a final report the participants will formulate follow-up actions. The intense preoccupation from the planning and implementation process to the conclusion phase will allow the participants to gain basic management skills.We expect several outcomes with the help of this project. We hope the participants will enlarge their linguistic, subject, technological and intercultural competences. In addition we aim to initiate a regular intercultural exchange with colleagues of other English-speaking countries and hope to connect and establish as well as further expand international relationships. With the help of these positive outcomes we want to promote our school's development. The more intense usage of innovative and modern methods as well as modern media will hopefully support the reduction of school dropouts since they open up new creative techniques of learning and teaching and enlarge the possibilities for a broader educational concept. The evaluation process will be organized internally. The instruments that will be mainly used are questionnaires, tests, interviews and observation. Suitable semi-structured interview guides and observation grids will be put together in the preparation seminar.
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