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Zvyšovanie profesionálnych a osobných kvalít zamestnancov
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Within the internal audit elementary school, evaluating internal and external factors affecting its scope and primarily the impact of these factors on students attending our organization, have been found to be necessary in the future to introduce changes in the management of the organization and management of staff, support staff development, in obtaining funds for rehabilitation and improvement of the environment as well as the implementation of projects in education and dissemination of professional competencies of teachers and school management. In the modern and the new emerging Europe, which aims to population growth, high employment, social equality and social inclusion is the goal of our schools lead our students to be willing to continue to learn, to know the advantages and the importance of education not only for themselves but for society. Lead them to the realization of their own potential and show them the way which is appropriate for them to go to develop their strengths. The achievement of the results, it is necessary to have a properly motivated team of all employees who are aware of the importance of knowledge transfer and the importance of good education. Employees who will be motivated by other values, such as financial instruments and material resources they receive for their activities. Employees who will be able to flexible, efficient, diverse and effective influence on pupils and develop their skills. Ways of achieving the goal is to have properly trained project staff. Projects are an integral and for the fulfilment of the objectives the most important part of the process, where a key role for the project manager. Correct identification of needs, planning various events of the project, build the team and not least the project is a matter of education based on theory and practice and communications. Projects for the development organization was not confined to, raising funds from organizations outside the public sector, but also for projects aimed at kontinualitu employee training, development of national and international cooperation and projects promoting the dissemination and exploitation of positive results. In the first stage of school orientation is necessary to provide extension education project manager, human resource manager for motivation of employees by continual education and the development of projects aimed at obtaining grants and financial resources provided by the EU and various foundation programs. Projects focused on the process of continuous learning and the diffusion of competencies, skills and knowledge of employees. The project aims to develop competencies in project management so as to generate an effective project team, working under the guidance and with a high degree of project success. Projects to develop the skills of managers of educational projects, the ability to develop, implement, plan and manage European projects. Develop skills for obtaining information on European sponsorship programs, acquisition of skills in the management of financial management and adopt ways of dealing with problem situations and the way to prevent them. High emphasis is placed on the development of intercultural communication skills and knowledge of nature, nature and type of the Erasmus + for schools and knowledge of appropriate methods of validation, evaluation and dissemination strategy. Development results in project management organization will be opportunities to engage in a number of projects financed from foreign sources with high potential of success and quality of projects, the possibility of sharing knowledge with the public, cooperating organizations, establishment of cooperation with other organizations at the national and international level. Parallel, the project is supporting the development of self and others, aimed at obtaining, updating and development of motivation to work, to work together and create a warm and positive work environment where colleagues help each other, radio, working together on projects collectively solve problems and the need to understand each other particular activities. They know the direction and intent of school and are motivated to develop their personality, their skills and knowledge, and recognize the importance of applying themselves and pupils in the future with regard to the rate of change and the speed of adaptation to new conditions in the newly emerging multicultural and technologically advanced society. Projects Special needs organization aims to raise the level of work with children with special needs and expand the competencies and other educational staff. By sharing project collected information, materials, processes and methodologies of teaching, establishing links with other participants of the project to streamline the process of integrating children with special needs into mainstream collective. Asset of the project is to obtain authentic working papers, projects creating new activities.

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