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Zvyšovanie mobility absolventov strednej odbornej školy kvôli lepšiemu uplatneniu na trhu práce EU
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

While preparing the content of the program of the mobility, we concentrated primarily on the subject: vocational training. The vocational training aims to improve the professional skills of the students. Its main aim is to teach students to use their theoretical knowledge gained in school in concrete tasks at concrete workplaces. We have in mind two fields. The first field is technical - car services, workshops, repair shops, where students have the chance to gain knowledge from car mechanics. The second field is represented by workplaces that carry out administrative work connected to traffic and transportation services, bookkeeping, forwarding, banking, HR, customs declaration, logistics, where students can watch and carry out activities in organizations and economics. The presence of foreign language figures as an added value for this mobility, since it is typical for the field of road transport with a global feature. Students will have the chance to work with the latest technologies and equipment, PC programs and documents that are used at the local firms, they can watch the marketing activities of the firm, and the logistic strategies as well. The saying "it is better to see something once than hear it a hundred times" is very important for the education in vocational schools. Students increase the effectiveness of education by taking an active attitude towards learning and developing their skills. The training abroad in firms and organizations serves as a chance to improve their possibilities on the job market, since they get the possibility to transform their theoretical knowledge into practice, and to compare the domestic possibilities with the international ones. They will also have the chance to compare the organization of the work system, the technical and technological equipment and their compatibility with the equipment at home. Students will use the English language during the vocational training, and they will have the chance to learn how important a foreign language is in a professional environment. We hope that they will become more confident, since they will have to carry out the basic everyday activities and tasks in English without using their mother tongue. They will share their experience with our younger and less active students, who will have a motivation to improve their grades in order to get into this mobility program the next time. We would like to send abroad 15 students within this mobility in October 2015: 1. operation and economics of transport - 10 third-year students, 2. operation and economics of transport - 5 fourth-year students. We would like to send these students to Hungary (to Budapest) into two firms. Based on the description of firms, they are big ones with many departments and offices, which enable for our students to gain a wide range of experience from many different departments. The students of the study field operation and economics in transport are prepared to carry out technical and administrative activities, and also highly professional jobs in the field of transport. Problems and needs: -the students need everyday contact with the English language, and they need to learn how to express themselves in everyday situations, and also in a professional environment, they need to improve their vocabulary in their study field as well -the students need to see professional work in firms and organizations abroad in order to be able to compare the methods and steps at home and abroad - our students have only limited possibilities to work and operate with certain equipment, machines and PC software, since their number is limited in our school -since the firms and organizations have more of these equipment, our students will have more time to use them making their work by them more professional and intensive -the students need to see and practice the technical activities in foreign companies of transport, e.g.: mounting and dismounting of the tires, wheel balancing, tire exchange, repair of the body and of the chasses, etc. - they learn the working methods of the firms this way, and they gain valuable experience -the students need to learn about and practice the transport and shipping activities in foreign companies of transport: forwarding activities, vehicle tracking, procurement of transportation, records of journeys. The main aims of the project: -to get acquainted with the activities of transport and shipping: forwarding activities, vehicle tracking, procurement of transportation, books and records of journeys. -to get acquainted with the technical activities of the firms: mounting and dismounting of the tires, wheel balancing, tire exchange, repair of the body and of the chasses, etc. -to improve the language competence of the students in everyday communication and in the professional one as well - to learn and to use the PC software of the firms - to develop the theoretical knowledge of the students and their practical skills as well.
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