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Zusammenwachsen der Jugend Europas im Berufsfeld Tourismus
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For the project "Zusammenwachsen der Jugend Europas im Berufsfeld Tourismus” is the vocational school for forwarding and tourism in Munich the applicant and at the same time the sending organization. 58 approaching trainees and 4 approaching apprentices in the area of traffic service, mainly from the 2nd year in training, take part for three weeks at the Erasmus-Plus project in Italy and France. They deepen their intellectual and speaking skills. They are also enlarging the technical horizon from the perspective towards the partner nation and contribute this gained knowledge to the dual system for vocational education. The flexibility and personality development and the ability towards an active EU-citizenship are also being promoted. The teaching staff, of a total of 6 teachers from the department Tourism, which are working with the centre of pilgrimage in Rome and Cap Ulysse, a trainings centre for an international learning organization, which is situated in Bordeaux. The teaching staff, which besides tourism also teaches foreign languages, have the possibility to increase their network of contacts or to strengthen their relationships, which have already been made. Future aims are going to be developed with the partners, discussed through working results and necessary objectives will be newly defined. They will provide gained knowledge as a multiplier towards the council. With this approach the knowledge can be used in vocation education lessons and even further developed. As well as the individual foreign languages skills will be improved and refreshed. Rome belongs to one of the most important destinations in the worldwide city tourism. In the last couple of years, the mobility of teenagers increased immense, so that a requirement for information and advice is needed, which specifies on the desideratum of the individual. An essential source of information is the own experience. This means that the customers of this project belong to a particular customer group and have a specific demand of their stay at the travel destination. There is a collection of varies information towards special offers of the public transport, places of interest, gastronomy as well as the hotel section and leisure time activities. The participant’s customer group targeted travel guide, will be offered towards the public as an “App”. It will provided by the centre of pilgrimage and the tourist office of Laszio, as well as all German travel agencies.Bordeaux, the French cooperating city of Munich, is considered to be European Destination of the Year 2015 and also World Cultural Heritage Site, this means it is thought to be an example of a very important product of the city tourism. The region of Aquitaine belongs to the most important tourist destinations of France. Germanys most important trading partner in the European Union is not only because of the European labour market so crucial, but also for an overall good European relationship and a positive European understanding. Our partnership with Cap Ulysse comes with a long standing experience with project managing of EU-mobility, including the sector of tourism and has build a big network of internships or industrial placements. In the context of socio-cultural programs, the participants will have a two-week work experience at the start of the project, which will be a cross-cultural training. This means that the participants will be working in a touristic cooperation, which could be a hotel or a travel agency. Within the work experience the trainee can investigate their occupational field from french perspective or even become acquainted with a new sector in tourism. They will notice differences between the German company and will learn to cope with those. At preparing meetings will every idea, including the trainee’s ideas, project orientated discussed, so that the stay abroad, for example on a web page or in form of a flyer, for the cooperating city Bordeaux documented and to the employees passed on. A concluding discussion, with the incorporating facilities and the subsequent meeting in Munich are essential parts of the evaluation. The results will be constantly recognized to gain the best possible improvement of the project. The orientation of our cooperating partners towards this procedure, will be the ECVET Quality Criterias. All participants will receive an Europass at the end. The growing together of Europe is a log term goal. It can only be achieved, if a lot of people are able to communicate verbally and in addition having knowledge about each individual member state. When the project has finished, will all participants next to language and personal competency development also gain an increase in occupational mobility and flexibility. On this way they will gain an important contribution towards their job-related action competence, as well as towards their motivation in exchanging and European relationship, which will lead to a consolidation of Europe.
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