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Zorba Olma, Arkadaş Ol!
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Content of the Project: One examines the questions of who he/she is, to what, and to whom to believe during the school period in which the social adaptation process occurs. School bullying is one the issues that affect students’ personal development and academic success negatively during school period. School bullying that lots of students commonly experience is a negation that occurs persistently beyond damaging mutually by sides who know each other. Bullying notion is generally defined as constant and intentional dominance of a student or a group on the others. School bullying is categorized in four groups: Physical, Verbal, Social, and Cyber Bullying. All bullying types are observed at our school. Objectives of the Project: - Decreasing the level of early-school leaving because of school bullying. - Supplying information to the whole school staff about school bullying. - Supplying professional skills training to teacher at our school. - Educating bully students about anger-controlling and communication skills. - Contributing the participants language development. - Adding some activities about school bullying to the school’s strategic plan. - Increasing the success on placement test for high schools. Supporting implementation of some activities about bullying to the counseling courses. - Sharing information with other students and teachers all around the world about the topic by means of e-Twinning. Number and Profile of Participants: The number of the participants to attend the teacher training is planned to be 10. The participants are quiet young and very eager to make progress in their professions. The participants duty years at this school varies in 1-5 years. The branches of the participants: English, Counseling, Physical Education, Religion and Morals, Arts, Turkish, Science, Information Technology. Teachers expect to attend the teacher training courses to improve their professional skills. Description of Actions: It is planned to do informative sessions to give information about the procedure by the acceptance of the project. Teacher training courses are planned to be held on the 3rd and the 8th months of the project. Before teacher training courses, it will be ensured that teachers attend the language courses to have the expected competence in target language. Also, it is expected that there would be some seminars to inform students and the parents about school bullying. Following the teacher training courses, firstly there will be some training sessions held for the teacher whom haven’t attended the abroad teacher training courses. It is planned to prepare for counseling department board, and a website which allows students to share their bullying problems anonymously with students and school counselor. Before the project ends, the students will prepare a short movie to point out the damages of school bullying, and share them with some institutes and other people. Methodology during the Project: In first month of the project there will be a seminar for the participants about the project. The content of the twelve months project will be reported to the participants clearly. After the teacher training course, there will be a seminar organized about informing parents about school bullying. A questionnaire is planned to be conducted at the beginning and the end of the seminar to evaluate on what extent the seminar is effective. The students with whom the project will be carry out will also have a scale named 'School Bullying Identification Scale'. It is planned to give a seminar considering both the teacher training course and scale results for the Also, school bullying will be taught in counselling lessons and mentioned on counselling board. At the end of the procedure, 'School Bullying Identification Scale' will be conducted again to determine how beneficial the project is. A Short Description of the Results and Impact Envisaged and Finally the Potential Long Term Benefits: It is planned to lower the level of school bullying at our school. By lowering the bullying level, it is believed that the early school leaving will be prevented, and our school will be a preferable one. By means teacher training courses the students teaching skills will be developed. The actions and the outcomes of the project will be shared by means of internet and some media tools. It is considered that this project will be a good example for the other schools. For long term benefits, the project actions and outcomes will be added to the school’s strategic plan to be applied next years. It will be suggested to implement some activities related to school bullying in counseling lessons. It is considered that there wouldn’t be any disruption both by the persistent implementations in counseling lessons, and the addition of the topic to the school’s strategic plan even if the teachers who attend to the courses work at other schools.

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