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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Media plays a big role in the lives of young people and young people's use and production of media is increasing all the time. Even so, a large part of the youth workers feel their media skills are poor. Youth workers desperately need more media training in order to be able to be fully present in young peoples lives. We want to respond to this need and provide training, where youth workers can update their knowledge and skills in the field of media. The project was initiated in February 2014 in Metsäkartano during a meeting, where we made a survey of the needs of different partners. Partners from thirty different European countries listed media educational skills to be the top of the list of the youth worker needs, and for this reason we decided to start a joint planning of training. Based on these experiences and informations we have designed a two-part media-themed project, which consists of the following sections: 1. Media training for youth workers and others working with young people. The training will teach media education methods for youth workers. The topics of the training include: media criticism, media literacy, media production with existing instruments and use of open source software. The emphasis in education is media's potential for social empowerment and active citizenship as an instrument. The aim is to encourage youth workers to use the media as a part of youth work and give them basic skills in theory and in practice. At the local level, our goal is that media education gets a permanent foothold in grassroots work with young people in each participating country. 2. Evaluation meeting for the participants of the training course and for the young people who took part in the post-training workshops. In the evaluation meeting, the participants go through the experiences from the workshops that they held for young people after the training course. The focus of an evaluation meeting is on comprehensive learning experience, what the participants got during instructing the training course and workshops, and how we succeed all in all. -In the training course there will be a total of 24 participants from Hungary, Belarus, Greece and Finland. 6 participants from each country. -In the evaluation meeting there will be a total of 24 participants: Three young people from the workshops from each country and three youth workers from each country. Both of these activities will be held in Youth Centre Metsäkartano, where we have an excellent framework for media-related activities. Centers instructors have also received media training in 2014 that was organized by the media education project “Eetteristä itään!”. During the project, the aim is also to strengthen cooperation between the partners and to plan the future of the strategic partnership project, aiming at the Key Action 2 program. The partnership program allows long-term work on the topics we find important. It will also give us a better chance to create stability for the media educational youth work. During the training course and evaluation meeting we will also get acquainted with the opportunities of strategic partnership, like better use of existing and functioning networks and the supporting of youth workers and their organizations from different countries by providing better resources for their media education.
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