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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project IMPROVING MOTIVATION AND QUALITY IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING has been aimed at action methods improving motivation in the learning environment, developing language competences through the innovative methods. We have based on our school development plan and on its basic were looking for the most appropriate courses for the four teachers who were selected mainly on the basis of contribution to the development of our school. They have been most interested in new approaches, methods and forms in teaching their subjects. One of the objectives set for the development of the school has been the ability to motivate pupils to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills, to lead our pupils to awareness of cultural values and communication in English language. The choice of four participants in mobility has corresponded to the need to fulfill the objectives of the school. We implemented from wide range of the most appropriated courses within four months. One course was organized by European Bridges Consultancy in Portugal and three courses by International Study Programmes in the United Kingdom. The language and intercultural competences of the participants have been expended through innovative methods, they have learned to apply English in cross-curricular, project work with pupils. Through active methods that lead to improving the quality and motivation for teaching and strengthen teamwork in a pleasant working atmosphere, the teachers have learned how to apply the methods that lead students to their personal and social and moral development. The participant in the course in Portugal which was focused on motivation in the school environment has contributed to the development of the overall personality of pupils by organizing of extracurricular activities and sports competitions with healthy competition and tolerance among pupils at school. The course in Colchester focused on the acquisition of key competences in English language through Art, using the innovative features of the CLIL method has been the great benefit to the needs of our school. Our Art and Multimedia Education teacher will be helpful with the preparation of the K2 project, Strategical Partnerships of School , named Moral Values through Art. We want to build on the finished project K1 and proceed with K2 project. The teacher has gained many inspiring ideas for teaching using Art and Multimedia Education in connection with learning English. Active methods in teaching, learning about cultural awareness have been a great benefit to English language teacher who completed the course in Belfast. Our Geography, Biology and English teacher has gained the knowledge and skills how to apply CLIL elements into teaching on the course in Gloucester which was focused on the English methodology. Using CLIL approach our pupils have increased the motivation and self-confidence when learning English language and the content subject together (Geography, Media Studies). Building an intercultural knowledge and developing the intercultural communication have helped our school to be open for better education. Activities that we have determined within the project have been fulfilled continuously during the school year. It can be stated that course participants have had an interest to propose some activities beyond the project. We have created a booklet called Creative ideas in English language teaching and Art and team-building activities for pupils. We have organized workshops about English, Irish culture, some team-building activities at school and on the school trips, Our language lab and a media classroom have been innovated at school. Co-operation on e-twinning projects with foreign schools has been in the preparatory phase. The project has been a big benefit for the course participants who have acquired professional and practical skills for their personal development but also for our school onward to the modernization and internationalization which is the main goal of our school.
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