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Złap to! Pozaformalna akademia aktywności / Catch it! Non-formal academy of activities
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project “Catch it! Non-formal academy of activities” aims at young people between 18-30 years old from Denmark, Poland and Portugal. With this project we try to find a solution regarding youth unemployment, which according to the statistics from July 2014 in 28 European Union countries affects 5 million young people under 25 years old. 7,5 million of young people are considered as NEETs (not employed, not in education and not in training). According to the European Commission and Eurostat at the end of 2013 youth unemployment among young people up to 25 years old, amounts to 27,4% in Poland, 12,9% in Denmark and 36,3% in Portugal. The reasons of such a high unemployment are complex and are largely related directly to the circumstances of the education system and cultural environment in which young people grow up in. It is said that a good education is the key of your professional career. In reality highly qualified young people are struggling to find a permanent employment. The education system is not flexible and it does not reflect to the needs of the labour market. The world economic crisis additionally deepened this problem. The project aims at enhancing the quality and relevance of the non-formal learning offer in youth work of 3 project partnership organizations by developing new and innovative approaches and supporting the dissemination of best practices. Additional aims: enhancing key competences of 30 young people from Denmark, Portugal and Poland regarding entrepreneurship, languages and digital skills, creativity, group work skills, time management skills, by participation in testing and implementation of the method of non-formal academy of activities; professional development of 9 youth workers; simplification of access to open educational resources (OER) in the youth field for 150 participants from dissemination of intellectual outputs events. In the frames of the project we will implement: study visits in Denmark, Portugal and Poland, to support the dissemination of best practices; establishing the panel of experts, which will develop the method of non-formal academy of activities; training course regarding the developed method of non-formal academy of activities; events regarding to dissemination of intellectual outputs. During the project meetings, discussions, work group meetings, conferences, training courses, internships will be held, we will be using case-studies and scenarios. The intellectual outputs is a method of non-formal academy of activities, developed by experts and youth workers, which will be described in an open educational resource (OER). The impact of the project should be considered at the local, regional, national and European or even international level. Thanks to the implementation of the project it will be possible to develop organization skills regarding international cooperation, group work skills and also develop a method of non-formal education (ICT methodologies, learner-centred pedagogical approaches), using ICT to youth work and non-formal learning. The project involves also scenarios and case-studies, regarding testing of a method, preparing texts for the open educational resource and developing appropriate assessment and certification methods based on learning outcomes. In the long term perspective the project and the developed method of non-formal academy of activities will contribute to improving the quality and relevance of the learning offer in youth work.

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