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Získávání odborných dovedností a znalostí žáků
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is a continuation of the successful mobility projects under the Leonardo da Vinci program that our school has implemented in the past ten years. The main objective of this project was to expand the vocational skills of our students. We focused on expertises our school is not able to provide due to its equipment and the knowledge of the teachers. We focused on using teaching methods in practical training, comparing knowledge and practical skills in our country and in partner organisations. Other objectives were to strengthen language skills, independence, self-esteem and motivation of pupils to education and thereby to prevent their school drop-out and to enhance their employability. One of the most important objectivewas to expand the long-term cooperation of partner schools in the region of Central Europe. The project was opened with five organisations (1 sending and 4 receiving). Nevertheless, since a new entity ensued on July 1st, 2014 as a result of a merger, a partner from Slovakia was included in the project. Because of this fact, the original number of participants of the internships increased from 18 to 31 pupils. The number of accompanying people did not change (4). Third grade students (subject of study- cosmetician, photography and multimedia and medical assistant)and pupils of 2nd and 3rd grades (subject of study – hairdresser and cook-waiter)participated in the internships. Students with the subject of study of hairdresser and cosmetician (Slovakia – hairdresser and Austria – hairdresser and cosmetician) learned obout other technological processes, new equipment and methods of skin treatment that are not used in our school. The internship was also concerned with active use and improvement of German language. Students alsoconcentrated oncommunicationwith a customer and learning more about the make-up artist field. The content of the internship in the field of cook-waiter was to get familiar with serving discerning customers and with the traditional Slovak and German cuisine. The intership in the field of photography and multimedia focused on modern techniques of studio photography thanks to the use of top technology (editing photos using graphic tablets), which the German partner disposes of and on gaining knowledge in the field of computer photo editing and graphic creation, which the Slovak partner follows. The main goal of the internships was gaining new skills, improving language skills, increasing motivation for further education and gaining self-confidence, which should all lead to better employability. The emphasis was also on deepening and expanding cooperation among the participating organizations. We see the contribution of this project in the popularization of internships among students, the possibility to gain new competences, the increase in motivation of participants of the internships and their classmates to education, spreading the essence of projects through discussions at school, promoting the project among the public during recruitment school events. Strengthening and deepening cooperation with partner schools is a very important factor.
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