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Získání nových zkušeností a dovedností v zemích Evropské unie
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Partner schools, ISŠ Vysoké nad Jizerou (the Czech Republic), ZESPÓL SZKÓL Nr. 5 im M.T. Hubera Walbrzych (Poland) and Stredná odborná škola lesnícká v Tvrdošíně (Slovakia), take part in the project. Eight teachers and twelve pupils attending vocational courses 41-56-H/02 Mechanic Repairman of Forest Machinery and 23-68-H/01 Mechanic Repairman of Motor Vehicles aged between 17-19 years will take part in the Internship Programmes. Four pupils will attend the internship in the Slovak Republic and eight students will attend the internship in Poland.During four days the teachers will study the local system of vocational education, learn about the methodology of teaching and training, identify the system´s coherence and cooperation with the social partners in Polish conditions and requirements of the labor market integration and social partners into vocational education. An integral part of the exchange will be to obtain information about the system of lifelong education and opportunities for further education of teachers. The project is specifically aimed at obtaining information and experience in the teaching field - Mechanic Repairman of Motor Vehicles. Teachers who professionally auspice the field and contribute to its further development will participate in the exchanges. Exchanges within the Erasmus+ programme will allow them to get the most of theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and skills that they can pass on to their pupils and incorporate them into their curricula. Representatives of individual sections of the sending organization will be present in the work group – vocational education and training. Each group will follow one specific goal – comprehehsively acknowledge the system of education in the fields of car industry, compare the ways and forms of education in the Czech Republic and in Poland and implement new and innovative teaching methods, techniques and procedures. Participants will work in specialized school classrooms, specialized workshops, they will visit social partners to gain the overview of the organization of education, study educational programmes, methodology and organization of teaching. They will attend auditions of special lessons, participate in vocational training and compare the outputs considering the needs of the labor market. The output of the exchange will be a comprehensive overview of education in the field of cars. All materials will be completed and submitted to the field subject committees. Then the findings of „good practice“ will be included in the SEP and used in the theoretical and practical teaching. The exchange will take place from 25.10. - 28.10. 2016, in the week of autumn holidays in the Czech Republic, so the operation of the school will not be affected.Each internship will last two weeks and students will work in partner schools´ specialised workshops, in specialised classrooms and in contracted workplaces of the schools. The main aim of the project is the enhancement of professional competence and knowledge of the pupils as well as their personal development. This informal way will help the pupils to learn about different countries and experience different work and social culture, ethics and lifestyle. This intercultural aspect represents and integral part of the work mobility project. Pupils will have the opportunity to check and compare their skills in their professional fields and their knowledge in the world of real practise, not only in direct confrontation with adult workers, but especially with students of partner schools. The purpose of the internships is to motivate pupils to further self-education, that will enable them to start and integrate more succesfully into the real working life. The internships will develop the pupils professional competence in the area of automotive and special forest machines repair and maintenance, fault diagnosis and removal, special welding methods used in the repair practice, fault simulation on training panels and working with diagnostic equipment. Professional competence will be developed both in theoretical education in laboratories and in vocational training in technical workshops and, in particular, in the real workplaces of the contracting company Citroen. The internships will take place in: Slovakia 2.10. - 15.10. 2016, Poland 12.3. - 25.3. 2017. The Europass Mobility is a very important outcome, which confirms and guarantees the foreign students' professional experience and The ECVET Certificate describing the completed units of educational results. Other outputs will be presentations, photo documentation and evaluation reports produced by the pupils after the completion of the internship programmes. Experiences and results of the work placements will be presented in various school activities, on the school website and in regional press. The project´s outcome will also be a unique personal and professional experience of the pupils.
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