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Žijeme a tvoríme spoločne
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cooperation of Súkromná stredná umelecká škola animovanej tvorby (Academy of animation) with Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design is part of the Academy´s strategy to provide excellent education in order to prepare the students for their future employment and facilitate the transition from school to work. The overall objective was to improve links between vocational and theoretical knowledge with practical skills in their field. Six third-year students took part in the professional training period of 32 days in Finland in the following majors: Animation, Graphic design and Photographic design. Each specialisation was represented by two chosen students. The core of the professional training was focused on the study of Audio-visual communication which was taught in English language, in the fields of Animation, Graphic design and Photographic design. The goal of the project was also to provide job-based learning experience abroad to our students, while still maintaining a degree of creativity and innovativeness and develop their lifetime citizenship. The mobility was part of educational process, aiming at vocational subjects and was formally acknowledged as their practice. The animation students made a short-time animated film. The Graphic design students created a product design for a Finnish product and the students of Photographic design made a photo documentation depicting Finland´s beauties and its citizens´ lifestyle. The project participants were able to set their targets and priorities in accordance with their real abilities, interests and needs. Moreover, the students improved their language skills, this way increasing the chance to succeed in the labour market and study abroad as well. In terms of lifelong learning the participants developed their social and personal competencies. The students demonstrated their ability to adapt to different work and cultural environment. Our academy of animation tries to fulfil the requirements of school today implementing changes in the access to the educational process inspired by acquired partnership and experiences, while constantly improving in order to make students understand the meaning and importance of education nowadays. We can more effectively design and execute future projects and the educational process, as well taking the advantage of lessons learned through experience of this project. Participating in similar specialised projects increases the school´s credit not only regionally but also internationally making the school more attractive for the target groups such as parents of prospective students, representatives of graphic and photographic companies, animation studios, advertising companies and foreign schools, too. The Academy of animation intends to develop its material and technological equipments to meet the international standards, for example by purchasing licenses of software products like ToonBoom and Head-Mounted Camera compatible with Motion Capture. In terms of long-term benefits the project manager´s skills have also improved which is a huge advantage when managing any international group of teachers. Additionally, the teachers of vocational subjects bettered their competences in the field of identification with the professional role and in particular they understood the supportive side of their profession and identified themselves with the role of facilitator and advisor.
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