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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project consists of three parts: introductory training (A1), preparatory meetings and "peer to peer" workshops (A2) and job shadowing with campaign Collect, Exchange and Activate (A3).After preparatory meetings we will organize a introductory training (A1) in Serbia. This will be also an official start of the project where we are going to set projects' time line and plan further activities. The most important part of A1 will be training on sustainable development, forest protection and importance of the green areas as natural resource. Therefor we will visit national park Fruška gora where will get to know regional cases of good practices in field of ecology.Main goal of the training is to educate and to upgrade the knowledge about sustainability and environment protection. This knowledge will be very important and useful for peer to peer workshops (A2). A1 main goals are:- 12 trained youth worker from the field of Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection with the emphasis on the forest as a renewable natural resource;- Prepare a detailed project timetable;- Get to know regional cases of good practices in field of ecology;- Project Group with clear responsibilities.After the successful start of this project we will start with period of meetings with all steakholders. We will plan the workshops and the campaign. After mention period of meetings we will start to carry out the the workshops for high-school students from BIC Ljubljana. Our plan is to reach, educate and motivate at least 150 students. This stage of the project is inovative intervention in formal learning environment and we believe that we will motivate students with our workshops for the campaign Collect, Exchange and Activate (A3).A2 main goals are:- To make 2 hour workshop for Slovene high-school students which will be held in BIC Ljubljana; - To carry out all the logistic with exchange of waste paper for seed plants;- At least 30 hours of workshops carried out;- To raise awareness, activate and motivate at least 150 high school students.A3 is related to job-shadowing when 2 young participants from Serbia (partner organization EEG) will come to Ljubljana. They will help to promote and carry out the campaign Collect, Exchange and Activate when we will be collecting the waste paper for a week and than we will exchange it for plants and seeds. 5 kilograms of waste paper will be exchanged for 1 package of seed plants while 10 kilograms of waste paper will be exchanged for seedling plant and 25 kilograms of waste paper for seedling tree. All the collected waste paper will be taken for reprocessing.After the campaign with partners we will evaluate project as a whole and analyze the results of the project. We will calculate the positive impacts of the project on the local environment and community. At the end we will devote some time to develop further ideas for project cooperation.Glavni cilji A3 so: - Motivate high-school students for the campaign; - Collect and recycle at least 1 tonne of waste paper;- Collected waste paper exchange for 300 plants and seeds;- Plant the exchanged plants in high school area or student dorms;- Spread the news and promote the campaign on social networks, web pages and newsletters;- Evaluate the campaign and whole project.

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