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Zawodowo mobilni - praktyki zawodowe 20 uczniów oraz job shadowing 4 nauczycieli w hiszpańskich instytucjach.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is an effect of a collaboration between two institutions, domestic and foreign ESMOVIA , in which the outline, the concept and then the project of 20 ZSB students internships and 4 teachers of vocational subjects was created Choosing a partner from Spain is the next step of our school to increase an international cooperation with international partners. The project will be attended by 20 students of 4-year Technical College and 3-year Vocational School in specialization of: construction techniques and mechanics techniques.Care during the internships will be seconded by two teachers (a construction teacher, fluent in English and Englisch teacher), which will be served as supervising students on the exit and took care of the comfort of their residence and study.The project will last 24 months. This will include preparation of linguistic, cultural, educational and professional personality in the country and abroad, an internship in Spain and dissemination activities. Internship students will take 4-week and will practice in the Spanish construction sites and garages. Will be combined with knowledge of the everyday life of people living there and will run in October 2016. Job-shadowing for teachers will take one-week and includes visiting in following places:-IES INTER BLASCO IBAÑEZ CIUDAD DEL COMPLEJO EDUCATIVO CHESTE www.fpcheste.comInternship abroad will provide young people with new skills and practical knowledge of construction technology used on the Spenish market and the techniques used by auto mechanics in diagnosing and repairing vehicles and machines. In addition, young students of all specialties will be familiarized with the subject of setting up their own companies that meet the standards and requirements of the European Union. Topic related to setting up their own small or medium-sized enterprises and the construction and mechanical dynamics of their development in Poland will be treated as a priority project, supported by funding sources of financing own activities (ESF). After initial placement students acquire experience abroad, including in particular the practical language skills necessary for their future careers, and this in turn causes their mobility in the labor market, both Polish and foreign, ready to start their own businesses or to work independently in their profession.The main objectives of the internship project are:I. Improving employ ability of 20 students participants to learn in professional environment, organization and work culture in Spain and to encourage openness and cooperation, promoting adaptability and sensitivity to cultural and mental differences.II. Increasing knowledge, skills and qualifications of 20 participants to gain experience and seniority in the working environment to facilitate their further personal development.Specific objectives of the project:-knowledge of the organizational structure and functioning of the Spain construction companies and garages, and thus to familiarize participants with the project of European standards and to familiarize them with technological and technical innovations to find use in the automotive workshop and on site;-learning aspects of professional work in different cultural and language;-shaping the attitudes of tolerance and openness to racial, ethnic and religious;-comparison of the existing internal rules of the partner country;-comparison of the vocational pathways of both countries.-improve personal development and their personal development and employability in the European labour market of 20 polish students-raise students awareness and understanding of Spain culture and country due to create the network of international contacts.Results:Increase the professional capacity of 20 students and 4 teachersAcquisition of skills to use new techniques and methods of work by 20 students and 4 teachersDistribution of experience among school colleagues and parentsImprovement of language and speaking skills
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