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Archive of European Projects

ZAWÓD TO PRZYSZŁOŚĆ - staże zagraniczne uczniów ZSEU
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"TRADE IS THE FUTURE - Work Placements Abroad for Pupils of The School Complex of Economics and Services" is implemented by School of Economics and Service in Swietoclowice in cooperation with Vitalis Betreuungsgesellschaft für Modellprojekte Schkeuditz mbH and Company Ltd Training Vision Portsmouth. With the project we wanted to first of all raise the professional qualifications and language students and support the mobility of the project participants in the European labor market. The main objectives of the project have been conditioned by the needs of the participants, because the foreign practice was: - To prepare students for professional work, - To increase the employability of students in the future, - To prepare students for the smooth functioning of the modern world. As a result this project the main focus has been on the acquisition and improvement of skills possessed by them - general and professional competence. Achieve the objectives set of the project was the best preparation for students to enter the labor market, because participating in it they realized: - What they learn at school, what beyond - What are the requirements of the labor market, - They possess or need to acquire competencies in the future, - How to effectively should plan their career. The project was attended by students: 1. technical - in the profession IT technician (21 persons) and economist technician (19 people) 2. The basic vocational school - in the professions: cook (12 persons), confectioner (6), the seller (12 people), car mechanic (9 people), bricklayer-plasterer (3 persons). We planned 7 Mobility (3 to Great Britain and 4 to Germany). Within the practices of foreign students: - improve ability to use language in English or German - improve their professional skills - develop the ability to work in a group, - Increased their intercultural awareness. Realization of the project has improved the image of the school in the local environment. Promoting the results of the project we tried to mobilize students attending the high school to study in schools leading to professional qualifications. A few weeks apprenticeships were also a good opportunity to encourage participants to assess for themselves their skills (competencies).
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