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Zatik Orphanage
Start date: 01 Sep 2012,

Name: Zatik orphanageVenue: Yerevan,ArmeniaDuration: 9 months and 12 monthsNumber of volunteers: 2Theme: Work with children-orphansObjectives and motivation: The main aim of the project is the work with children-orphans, to provide educational activities and to prepare them for an independent life. Involving international volunteers will be a great opportunity for this project as the children will learn about the culture and traditions of foreign countries. The presence of internationals volunteer will enrich the program offered to the orphans. The discussions with the children on different subjects will be more interesting in getting to know other beliefs and points of view.Orphans more than other children need care, help and education, to become good members of society in future. Volunteers together with the educators will be involved in the organization of different cultural programs, where children will learn to paint, sculpture, sing and dance; learn different national and foreign songs, games,they will also learn some basic abilities in theatre, art and pantomime. The possibility to organize a big performance with the children is also foreseen. The decorations and text will be prepared by volunteers with the help of children. Also, depending on the abilities, knowledge and fantasy of the volunteer, they will be able to offer different games and courses to the children. Volunteer tasks:The children are divided into 3 age groups. In each group different tasks will be carried out by the volunteers as follows:In addition, volunteers is encouraged to propose activities according to their own interests and skills.The volunteers will stay in a big house, which is rented specially for EVS volunteers. Volunteers will have Armenian language courses 2 times per week during the whole EVS project.
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