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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the project "Let's design our school" is to improve the quality of education in school by improving the quality of teachers' work, preparing them to take up a new role of the teacher - tutor, but also to work using active methods of teaching, using the ICT tools, taking into account the crosscurricular aproach, involving students and supporting the development of key competencies and base skills. To achive these goals we want to learn from the best European educational patterns, from schools that have implemented innovative solutions and use them for years with a great success. So we would like to take part in courses organized in Finland, Denmark and Estonia (a country that is in the process of educational change). We want to have an opportunity to meet with practitioners and personally see how they work with each other, the environment, their students. The project will attend by 22 people, the teachers and the management of our school. These are the persons of all ages, with variety of seniority and experience, working on the level of early childhood education and grades 4-6, teaching different subjects (history, mathematics, science, early childhood education, English, Polish, art). We want to participate in two courses in Denmark, Finland and Estonia (the course "Best Practices Benchmarking" assumes visit in Tallin). Courses include such methods and forms of work such as observations of classes and teachers, discussions, workshops, visits, presentations, individual and team work. As a result of participating in the courses we will gain a team of teachers, who understand the need for change and are open for it, who are willing to cooperate with each other and to design changes in our school practice: the organization of work and the methods of teaching. We are aiming to correlate different school subjects between each other by combining in the methods of active teaching/learning the knowledge, skills and competencies from different fields. Management, also participating in the project, moves the changes to a higher level, making the change a permanent and system aproach, introducing step by step other teachers to new forms of working, and building structures fostering the further development within an international cooperation with partner institutions, new technologies and innovations. We believe that strengthening the professional profile of managers and teachers, devleoping their qualifications and competences will influence our students, giving them a chance for the highest level of education, which will prepare them for life in modern society and finding their role in it.
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