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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project 'vocation for the future' is designed for IT technicians and is aimed at developing mobile applications. The technicians need more practical knowledge, but they also need to gain vocational knowledge and skills as well as personal independence and responsibility. It is necessary to introduce current demands, mobile applications being the latest, of the IT market to the students. Millions applications are designed daily, but the IT technician curriculum does not even mention them, not even the new, experimental curriculum. Therefore, schools should be able to provide students with the valuable knowledge and skills, via school projects and education abroad, making the students more ready for the labour market. The project goals are as follows: 1) improve and modernise the quality of knowledge and skills in programming (developing mobile applications) for IT technicians 2) strengthen and enable professional advancement in programming for the teachers of vocational courses and introduce the methodology in teaching the new technology in mobile applications development 3) improve students and teachers' language and ICT skills 4) encourage multiculturalism and tolerance among students The project's two main activities are: A1. VET learners traineeships in vocational institutes abroad – 8 IT students will stay for 2 weeks (2 visits, 4 students each time) at the Carles Vallbona Institute in Spain to be educated on programming mobile applications A2. Teaching/training assignments abroad– to teach programming at the Carles Vallbona Institute in Spain for 2 weeks (2 visits, at the same time as A1). The project will provide new knowledge and skills to all participants which will enable them to be more attractive on the labour market (Europass Mobility document will be provided). It will also give the opportunity to the A1 participant to be self-employed and part of mobile applications development. The two-week stay should provide students with a better understanding of multiculturalism and tolerance. The lectures and workshops will be held in English which will further improve the English language skills as well as the Spanish language skills since the students will be taught Spanish and will live in Spain for two weeks. The participants and Carles Vallbona Institute students will benefit from the education on web application framework Ruby On Rails because this will provide them with the knowledge and skills wanted on the labour market. The project will have long-term effects on the application school (Futura) because the gained knowledge in mobile application development will become implemented into the school's curriculum, thus making it available for future generations.

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