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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Taking part in a project we called "The Green Umbrella" is a necessity connected with the future vision of our school – so that every pupil feels well here, acquired skills and competences help each child to feel included in a modern society.The name is highly symbolic - we wish to provide environmentally green, natural education for all children who feel safe in this environment.Several educational programs are being used in our school, including a program for children with learning disorders. To carry out the program successfully we have acquired knowledge during special study courses. However the knowledge in the specific field must be improved and enriched constantly. It is crucial to understand how to plan the study process in the right way so it meets all the criteria, what methods to use, what is new in the work with SEN pupils.We would like to find out how the problems mentioned above are solved in one of the most progressive countries of the world in the field of education – Finland. We would like to take over experience of a work of a teacher assistant, work with drop-outs, exchange ideas and experiences with pedagogues from other countries in the following questions: how to balance methods of work with SEN pupils and talented children. How to work with parents of the special children also is an important issue.As our school is situated in an area rich in forests and close to the river Gauja, we consider that our study process must be varied, using resources offered by nature. So, lessons outdoors are a challenge. After the project we would like to work out the development strategy for our school – to facilitate and improve outdoor education which is important not only for pupils with SEN but also for anyone.In August 2015, after analysing the work of previous three years, in the school meeting of pedagogical staff new aims and priorities for the coming three years were brought forward. One of the priorities stated was - improvement of the inclusive education. One of the most important issues mentioned was – enriching education for the pedagogical staff. We have been looking for possibilities of getting knowledge in both Latvia and abroad. It was decided to start a long term project, during the course of which we will be able to enrich our knowledge and upgrade our qualifications. We found courses matching our demands at “eTwinning”During the time of our project we plan to enrich and improve our competences about:• evaluation of education systems in European countries;• carrying out special education on the primary level;• early support;• how to use assistants in classrooms;• dropouts;•facilitating outdoor education;• using nature as a source of knowledge;• developing personal and social skills for pupils with learning disabilities;During the 24 months of the project all the teachers of Inčukalns’ Primary School will be involved, all the students and their parents as well.During the project the following methods and activities will be used:• a work group will be formed;• a project opening event (involving local municipality) and project closing conference, including visiting teachers' training courses in Finland "Every Pupil is Important" and in Portugal "Outdoors Education for All";• meetings;• practical workshops;• seminars;• constant cooperation with mass media;• cooperation with Inčukalns’ rural municipality;• creating Power-point presentations, informative materials, popularizing the project;• meetings with parents and local politicians;• creating a new methodological material for work with pupils with learning disabilities.As the result, we will have:• a friendly environment for pupils, a many-sided support for pupils with learning disabilities and problems of behavior;• improved mutual cooperation;• improved cultural understanding and expression;• improved practical skills of using “eTwinning” ; students involved in “eTwinning” projects, both talented and with learning disabilities;• partners for KA2, using the acquired skills• improved digital competences of students and teachers;• improved personal and social skills – using communication in various environments, being able to be tolerant, express and understand different points of view;• convincing tools for the local authorities of a larger financial support to create a working place for a special pedagogue;• improved skills of communicating in a foreign language;• improved skills of planning;• improved skills of analyzing and synthesis;• improved skills of making presentations;• improved public presenting skills;• improved skills of taking pictures and video and skills of photo processing and video processing.
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