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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main goal of project is improvement of participants opportunities for achieving professional success after graduation. It will be achieved by completing project side-goals: the internationalization of education in school and development of professional and language skills of participants, in way expected by, co-operating with the school, local employers who present their expectations and needs. It is worth noticing that these objectives, as also mentioned later in this abstract results of the project, are consistent with the objectives of the Erasmus + Programme for sector of Education and Vocational Training: - raising the level of key competencies and skills in terms of suitability for labor market through educational mobility and cooperation between sectors of education and work; - improving quality, innovation and internationalization of educational institutions; - modernization of education systems through good practices and exchange of results, and use of European tools to facilitate acknowledgement and transfer of qualifications; - development of international dimension of education and training - teaching and learning foreign languages, linguistic diversity, intercultural awareness. The project participants will be students on second, third and fourth year of secondary technical school, of vocations: trade technician, logistics technician and IT technician. Every participant is learning English in school - in total 60 people. Those students are on advanced stage of vocational education and also have some experience gained during school placements. After completion of recruitment process, they will participate in preparatory classes and divided into 15-person groups, will leave for 3-week long mobility in Portugal for internships in companies of different sizes. The project is planned for two years and groups will leave in February and March 2016 and in February and March 2017. After returning from internships all students will submit report in mTool system, also fill evaluation questionnaires. Participants will also take part in activities to disseminate the results of the project including: creating presentations about the project and exhibition of photos of all project activities. At the end students will take part in conference disseminating results of the project. During work on project we will use methodology developed for project work at our school, which is based on constant headmasters supervision of all project activities, clear defining of projects staff duties and responsibilities, precise archiving of all documents related to the project. Expected results of the project: - completing by project participants preparatory classes in planned number of hours, specified in the following part of the application, - receiving by the participants certificate of internship preparation course, carried out by the school, - receiving by the participants the Europass Mobility documents, - receiving by the participants foreign language course certificate, - receiving by the participants certificate of completing abroad internship, issued by project partner, - acquiring new knowledge and experiences, - learning new language, - acquiring new skills of handling devices and tools, - acquiring ability to work in international team, communicating in foreign language, - increasing project participants chances on labor market (local, national, European), - improvement of participant professional and personal aspirations, - increase of participants motivation to further education; - increase of duty and discipline; - gaining knowledge of history, culture and customs of the host country; - developing attitude of tolerance for different customs and behaviors; - raising prestige and attractiveness of the school; In addition to general development of professional and personal competencies, participants will also acquire knowledge and experience adequate to specific professions. Working in multinational team will contribute to improvement of language competence and knowledge about cultural diversity in Europe; strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence will contribute to project participants personal development. Learning foreign language and mastering of professional vocabulary will be very important -experience gained during the internship will let project participants to compete effectively for job after graduation. After returning to school interns will share insights, knowledge and skills gained during the placement with other students in our school. Noticing these changes in attitudes and skills of participants should encourage other students from our school to make further efforts to enhance and broaden their skills and gain work experience so valued also during education. Participants will be able to use new-gained experiences in places where they will be employed in the future. Skills gained during the internship will help them to get good job and quick professional promotion, make easier optional d

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