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Zagraniczne staże dla uczniów wchodzących na rynek pracy
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The goal of this project is a four-week apprenticeship in the UK for students from Zespół Szkół nr 1 in Sanok. Seven students from each of the following profiles: economic technician, logistical technician, hotel technician and nourishment and household technician have took part in the apprenticeship. That was total 28 students and 2 counsellors. The hosting organisation was Tellus Ltd., which is an organisation experienced in organising apprenticeships for students. The training course took place in Plymouth in the UK. The project met school needs (increasing the attractiveness and quality of teaching), students’s needs (increasing personal, professional and linguistic competence, increasing job opportunities, providing equal chances), local employers’s needs (better workers in the local job market) and the local community’s needs (parents, local authorities). The appretice have learnt about the nature of a British company, management and work methods, occupational and safety hygiene regulations, vocational foreign language and governance typical for the UK. They also developed the following qualities in real work conditions: propriety and dealing with customers, independence, industriousness, respecting work discipline, ability to work in a team, ability to plan one’s work and time managment, ability to organise one’s work place and ability to use a foreign language. The above skills were characteristic of the profession, as they were shaped in a specific work environment. The theoretical knowledge acquired at school were deepened by practical skills, and the skills and certificates attained by students will make it easier for the future graduates to function in the job market. The project will help them to find a job or run their own business. During the apprenticeship students have learnt about the functioning of a company in the European labour market, have understood the occupational requirements, resulting in the satisfaction of customer needs. Taking part in this project made the graduates more confident in their relations with employers and customers. The apprentices got to know the lifestyle of average British people, their culture, customs and leisure time activities. The apprentices have learnt how to cope in new, sometimes extreme situations. The proper recruitment system motivated students to improve their academic results and attendence. The apprentice also have attained points in the APT Awards system. It is a system developed to offer the participant job experience recognised in the EU. The general idea makes it a clear system to assess student’s skills, which supports the current pursuit of EU countries to standardise the marking scheme of the practical skills of vocational school students. Using APT Awards will result in an easier and fairer job application procedure or the ability to continue education in EU countries. They also have increased their competence in the following fields: professional, linguistic, computer skills, organisational , social and personal. The impacts of the project: - improving the quality of vocational training offered by Zespół Szkół nr 1 in Sanok, - improving knowledge and professional skills of the participants, - decreasing the differences between academic knowledge and skills and competence expected by employers, - teaching about methods and techniques used in the UK, - increasing the employment prospects of the apprentices, - increasing the apprentices’ enterprising spirit and initiative, - increasing the apprentices’ mobility in the job market, - improving English language skills, - encouraging the apprentices to take part in various forms of job training (also abroad), - increasing apprentices’ multicultural competence and show them how to live and work in a mulicultural environment, - positively influence self-esteem, - showing the apprentices how to appreciate European Union membership.
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